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Alencia Johnson Net Worth: The Voice Against Racism

If you ask the Americans about the most inspirational activist, can you guess which name you will hear the most? It is Alencia Johnson. She is the leading female activist and inspirational figure. In addition, she is a political person as well.

Alencia is a prominent figure in the American Black Community. She has suppressed many social issues and has had positive influences.

Through this article, you will know Alencia Johnson net worth, bio, education, career, and achievements. Also, you will learn how she empowers the women and makes them come out of their shells.

Conversations with Harrison ft. Alencia Johnson

Alencia Johnson’s Biography

Alencia Johnson is a famous activist in the United States. She was born on 4 September 1987. Moreover, Alencia was born in Virginia, United States. She comes from a decent and elegant family. She was passionate about politics, acting, singing, dancing, and entrepreneurship from an early age.

Alencia stated that she grew up in a women-empowered environment. Her surroundings inspired her to become a women’s activist and speak up for rights. Further, Alencia noted that her grandmother had always inspired her.

Also, Alencia stated her mother juggled three jobs to sustain their family’s needs. In addition, her grandmother owned a pie-selling business. Along with that, Alencia said all the women of her family strongly believed in self-sureness. For this reason, Alencia learned about and became interested in women’s empowerment from childhood.

Moreover, Alencia is a Christian by belief and black by ethnicity. Also, as she was born in Virginia, Alencia is Native American.

Full NameAlencia Johnson
Birth PlaceVirginia, United States
Birth Date4 September 1987
Zodiac SignVirgo
AgeAs of 2024, 36 years old
Height5 feet 9 inches
EducationGraduated from Christopher Newport University
Marital StatusSingle
Career FocusDiverse sectors including advocacy and strategic planning
LGBTQ RightsAdvocate for LGBTQ community rights
Key information summarizing the biography of Alencia Johnson, highlighting her age, professional background, and advocacy work.

Alencia Johnson Net Worth

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As a social media influencer and black political personality, Alencia has many fans and followers. Many of her followers are interested in discovering Alencia Johnson net worth.

However, like the personal information, Alencia kept her financial status secret. She has always kept her salary, income, and net worth secret. Consequently, details regarding Alencia Johnson net worth have yet to be available.

But we have gone through a deep analysis to reach her net worth. Together, we have reviewed the public records and estimated the value of Johnson’s salary. By our research, Alencia Johnson net worth is $300K.

Yet, it is an estimated value. The actual value of Alencia’s net worth can be more than that.

Personal Life

Alencia has kept details of her personal life largely private from the media. Yet in an interview on a YouTube channel named “Painless Universe,” she told a few about her life journey and success story. Also, Alencia maintains a strong presence on social media platforms.

In the interview, Alencia said that her father was a preacher. So, she grew up in a church. For this reason, Alencia has grown a strong belief in Jesus and her religion. The belief helped a lot in her life. Again, Alencia said that she studied the words of Jesus and tried to implement them into her life.

Furthermore, Alencia Johnson shared a great bond with her parents. Along with that, she admitted that her parents helped her to reach her goals. Even though she is very close to her parents, she never discloses their names or shares any photos.


Alencia is well educated and was a very bright student. She finished her elementary and secondary schooling in Virginia. Upon concluding her earlier education, she secured admission to Christopher Newport University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. Alencia received the degree with a communication studies major. Along with that, she had a degree with a leadership minor.

However, Alencia’s journey at Newport University was a turning point. She accumulated a wealth of life experiences that proved beneficial in her future endeavors. Moreover, Alencia stated that she had improved her leadership and decision-making skills while pursuing the BA degree. Also, Alencia added that she made a lot of commotion in her university life.


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From childhood, Alencia dreamt of being a singer, actress, dancer, politician, and journalist. And now she has achieved all her goals. Since Alencia wanted to expand her career beyond one sector, she worked with many companies in diverse sectors.

Besides, Alencia started her career as a news intern at WTKR-TV. And as a journalist, she excelled in her career. Later, she worked with many renowned media houses. Alencia started her career in this sector in 2008. It paved the way for her further success. Afterward, during 2008 and 2009, she interned with news teams at FOX 5 Washington, DC/NBC 4, and WAVY-TV.

After working as a journalist, Alencia deflected her career to a communication specialist. She gained vast experience and learned many skills from this profession. From 2009 to 2012, Alencia was employed at GEICO.

After the victory of President Obama in 2012, Alencia started her political career. Before that, Alencia represented Obama in the Presidential Election Campaign.

Furthermore, Alencia worked for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. While working there from 2013 to 2019, she experienced many social issues. And now, she is trying to solve and work on those problems.

Political Career

As mentioned earlier, Alencia has been interested in politics since childhood. Along with her other dreams, Alencia wanted to be a politician. For this reason, she started to grow her knowledge and skills to become a politician.

Moreover, Alencia has expressed her support for the Democratic Party and is actively involved in working for the party. Also, she mentioned that her grandmother also holds a strong belief in the principles of the Democratic Party in the United States.

Plus, Alencia Johnson first stepped into politics when she was in university. The funniest thing is that the university’s president was a former Republican senator. Therefore, Alencia and the president have different thoughts. As a result, Alencia used to get involved in many tumultuous situations during her university life.

Accordingly, Alencia started her political career officially in 2012. She joined the presidential campaign for Obama. Again, she took on the role of surrogate booking coordinator for Obama’s team.

Later, Alencia served as the National Director of Public Engagement for Elizabeth Warren. Further, she worked with Joe Biden as a senior advisor for the Presidential Election. In 2020, Alencia received an appointment from Governor Ralph Northam to serve on the Virginia Council on Women.

What is 1063 West Broad?

1063 West Broad is a consultancy brand. The organization helps those in need and provides optimal solutions to their challenges. Also, 1063 West Broad is an agency focused on creating social impact. Their mission is to make a good impact on society. And they also raise their voice for the needy and helpless people.

Alencia Johnson established 1063 West Broad, where she serves as the Chief Impact Officer. Generally, she wants to create public awareness and a positive influence with this brand. Mainly, Alencia works and speaks for the rights of the Black and the LGBTQ community.

The tagline of 1063 West Broad is “Culture. Impact. Purpose”. It means they want to change the culture and make a good impact for a great purpose. Furthermore, they give the best solutions to susceptible social problems as well.

Achievements of Alencia Johnson

Alencia is a political personality, journalist, actor, and singer. In a word, she achieved all her dreams as a kid. Generally speaking, she has excelled in every sector of her career. Furthermore, Alencia received many awards for her glorious career.

Additionally, Alencia was featured in many renowned and respective channels, newspapers, and magazines. Over and above that, she is a regular as clockwork on CNN, BET, ESSENCE, Huffington Post Live, NewsOne, and Glamour.

Coupled with that, Alencia was honored with the Woman of the Year Award. She is well-recognized as a female activist for her leadership skills. Alencia was featured in Harvard University’s EBONY Magazine Power 100 list. Again, she was featured in Forbes and other famous magazines.

Empowering The Black Women

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Alencia is one of the leaders of the new generation. Also, she is one of the leading media influencers and television personalities. She shares her thoughts with a massive community, which has a positive effect.

Additionally, as a black woman, Alencia has destroyed many prejudices. She has worked for many companies and brands. And as a black woman, she never gave them any chance to let her down. Since childhood, Johnson has seen the diversity and differences in blacks.

For this reason, Alencia has started many campaigns to empower black women. Also, she has collaborated with other brands to ensure the empowerment of black women. Johnson initiated the “Stand With Black Women” campaign at Planned Parenthood.

Further, Alencia is an active member in ending the suppression of blacks. Wherever she goes, she creates awareness and grows advocacy against racism. In the same way, she proves that a black woman is no different from others.

Family, Boyfriend, and Relationships

Alencia is a very humble and family person. And Alencia is an only child. Her father served as a pastor, while her mother was employed in the workforce. Moreover, she maintains a very close relationship with each family member. Further, she idolizes her mother and grandmother.

Another with Alencia never shared her relationships in public. Even though she is rumored to have many secret relationships, she never paid attention to them. Along with that, she always keeps her professional and personal life separate. Yet, as there is no information on Alencia’s boyfriend, we can say she is single.

Social Media Appearances

Alencia Johnson is very active in social media. Anyone can easily find her on every social media channel. She tries to create awareness and make a good impact on society. Moreover, Alencia communicates her ideas to a vast audience via social media platforms.

Alencia Johnson on Instagram

Alencia is primarily active on Instagram. She shares her life events and her thoughts on Instagram. As many people love and agree with her thoughts, Alencia has many followers on Instagram. However, Alencia has 22.9K followers on Instagram (alenciajohnson).

Alencia Johnson on LinkedIn

As a businesswoman, Alencia is also very active on LinkedIn. Alencia’s account on LinkedIn represents her successful career. Alencia shows a dynamic personality on LinkedIn. Moreover, Alencia Johnson has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn (Alencia Johnson).

Alencia Johnson in Twitter

Alencia is also very active on Twitter (AlenciaJohnson). Likewise, on Instagram, she shares her thoughts to make a good impact and reach a massive community on Twitter. Alencia has an enormous following on Twitter due to her exclusive thoughts and fantastic personality. However, she has got 16K followers on Twitter.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

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Alencia is a very kind-hearted person with a humble personality. She works for people in need wholeheartedly. Moreover, Alencia tries to give her best to help the helpless. That’s why she works with many charitable and philanthropic organizations.

As mentioned, Alencia is very devoted to Jesus. So, she believes in giving back and works for people in need. Johnson mainly stands for the rights of the black and LGBTQ community. She firmly believes in equal rights and speaks and stands for the suppressed community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alencia Johnson married?

Alencia Jonshon has yet to share a single detail about her personal life. She always kept her personal life away from the spotlight of the media. As a result, we did not find any information about her married life or relationships. But, we can state that Alencia has yet to be married.

How old is Alencia Johnson?

Alencia Jonshon is 36 years old now. She was born in 1987. Moreover, Alencia worked in diverse sectors and gained a lot of experience

Is Alencia Johnson gay?

No, Alencia Jonshon is not a gay. As Aencia did not get married yet, some people spread the rumor that she is gay. But in reality, she is very focused on her career and opportunities. Yet, Alencia works for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

What is Alencia Johnson’s height?

She is 5 feet and 9 inches.

What is Alencia Johnson net worth?

By working in diverse sectors, Alencia earned a good amount of money. She never revealed her net worth. So, we estimated the approximate value of her wealth. According to our research, Alencia Johnson net worth is $300K.

Bottom Line

On the whole, Alencia is a black female activist and leader. Also, she influences and creates awareness for planned parenthood, racism, and the LGBTQ community.

Indeed, Alencia’s story inspires every person, especially the women. She is a perfect example of breaking diversity and differences. Through her activities, Alencia empowers women and has a positive effect.

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