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How Andy Albright Built His Empire? | Analyzing Andy Albright Net Worth

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Andy Albright must be a familiar figure if you regularly listen to motivational speeches and business talk. But Andy Albright net worth’s significant share came from the insurance company, National Agents Alliance (NAA), where he is a co-founder.

Furthermore, Andy creates a significant impact on people with his motivational speeches. He is the most popular speaker and business person in the United States.

In addition. Andy Albright is a popular public speaker and a successful entrepreneur and businessman. As the co-founder of NAA (National Agents Alliance), one of the renowned insurance marketing agencies, he is making the difference.

The Power of Persistence: How Andy Albright Built an Impressive Net Worth in Insurance?

After the round of this article, you will come across the biography, net worth, business, and personal life of Andy Albright.

Who is Andy Albright?

Andy Albright

Andy Albright is a prominent speaker, entrepreneur, and unbeaten business figure. He is the co-founder and CEO of the best Insurance marketing company in the USA. With the help of Andy, the insurance industry is fighting back. He makes people feel financially free by having insurance.

As well as he is a famous author and public speaker. He inspires people through his writing and speeches. Andy’s words give them hope to fight back and achieve their desired success.

What Do I Actually Do? | Andy Albright

Andy Albright Biography

As a motivational speaker, Andy Albright significantly impacts the listeners. He is also an entrepreneur and author of many books. Andy was born on the 16th of April 1964. What’s more, he has turned 59 this year and is from Alamance County.

Furthermore, Andy is an author and also the co-founder National Agents Alliance. In fact, he comes from a decent business background family.

However, in his Youth, Andy was working on the field, playing basketball, and thinking about changing his lifestyle. He worked for some leading textile companies for 11 years but wanted more from his career.

Then the reality hit him when his wife had to work for a living, even when she was sick. Andy’s wife could not quit the job as it was the last straw for their living. At that time, Andy Albright met with his future business partner. They started his insurance company and never looked back after that.

Full NameAndy S. Albright
Birth PlaceAlamance County North Carolina, United States
Date of BirthApril 16, 1964
Age (How Old)59
Zodiac SignAries
Weight84 Kg
Height (How Tall)5 feet 11 inches
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameJane Albright
Children NamesDaughter: Haleigh Albright
Son: Spencer Albright
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
CollegeNorth Carolina State University
ProfessionEntrepreneur & Motivational speaker
Social Media AccountsFacebook
Andy Albright Wikipedia

Personal Life of Andy Albright

Collage of Andy Albright's personal moments, featuring six photos hanging on a wall, showcasing Andy with his wife and family in various settings, under the heading 'Personal Life of Andy Albright'.

Since Andy is a public figure, some want to know about his life. They want to know how he led his life at this higher level than today. But Andy Albright always keeps his personal life secret. However, he is active on various social media.

Andy Albright is happily married to Jane Albright. Until December 2019, the couple stayed in the Burlington suburb of Union Ridge. Staying in the old farmhouse where they spend the tough times together reflects their extraordinary personality. Now the couple is living in Treasure Island, Florida.

Andy and Jane are blessed with two kids. Andy has a daughter named Haleigh, who is happily married now. His son’s name is Spencer, and he is studying at North Carolina State University where Andy is a member of the Entrepreneurship Initiative’s advisory board and also a major donor. In addition, Andy Albright has five dogs.

Andy Albright reveals that his family always supports him with his work. Together with entrepreneurship and business, his primary career, Andy does much charitable work. He knows the importance of giving back to society.

How Educated is Andy Albright?

Andy Albright took his graduation from N.C. State University. He took his Bachelor’s degree in textile science.

And then after pursuing his Bachelor’s degree, Andy worked for some leading textile companies. He worked for Allied Signal, Glen Raven Mills, and Burlington Industries. Andy Albright worked for those companies for almost 11 years and showed leadership capability.

What is Andy Albright’s Net worth?

Image features a charismatic Andy Albright positioned on the right, exuding confidence with a warm, approachable smile. To the left, the text 'Andy Albright's Net Worth' is prominently displayed in bold, attention-grabbing font, with the URL '' directly underneath, inviting viewers to explore further details about his financial achievements.

Andy Albright is the most fruitful entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. He is also the CEO of a renowned insurance company. People look up to him for better business tactics and take inspiration from his magical words.. Again many want to know how much is Andy Albright’s net worth.

The lion’s share of Andy’s net worth comes from the insurance company he owns. As the co-founder of the insurance company, Andy’s net worth is also growing with the company’s growth curve.

However, the estimated figure of his net worth is $22 million, much higher than Annabella Rockwell’s Net Worth, a famous entrepreneur and successful businesswoman in merchandising.

Additionally, Andy Albright also earns as a motivational speaker. He inspires people with his words. Andy is an author too. He enlightens and consults people through his books. It also increases his income and net worth.

Andy Bright’s Net Worth Breakdown Over The Years

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
202322 million USD29%
202217 million USD54.5%
202111 million USD57%
20207 million USDN/A
Andy Bright’s Net Worth Breakdown Over The Years

Andy Albright NAA | What is NAA?

Image featuring the image of NAA (National Agents Alliance) family.

National Agents Alliance, or NAA, is a USA-based insurance marketing company. NAA provides insurance for your life and health. Undeniably, National Agents Alliance became one of the best insurance companies quickly.

Andy Albright was unhappy with his career while working in the textile companies. At that moment, he met his business partner. Andy liked the idea and eagerly waited to start the company with him. Then after, in 1998 They got the license for their insurance company. After that, Andy and his partner founded the National Agents Alliance in 2002.

In the beginning, Andy Albright was not the CEO. Later, he was appointed to the post of CEO in 2006. Andy worked hard to make the company trustworthy and the best.

At present, National Agents Alliance is the best and the most trusted insurance marketing company in the United States. Andy is working to make the company a wholly developed insurance company in the next five years.

In addition, Andy Albright keeps a friendly relationship with the company’s employees. He gives his employees a free book from his reading list every month.

What are the Books of Andy Albright?

Image showcasing the cover page of a Andy Albright's book.

Andy Albright is the famous author of many best-seller books. As has been noted, he tries to motivate people through his speech and his books as well. Being a regular reader, Andy knows the importance of reading books. Therefore, he encourages others to read books regularly.

Andy Albright strongly believes that every successful person has a thirst for books. Without a doubt, books enrich a person’s knowledge. Over and above, Andy made a list of books for people to find the best and great books.

Simultaneously, Andy is a great reader and author of many best-seller books. His book Eight Steps to Success is written on the steps you must take to be successful. If you ask a successful person, he will also suggest the steps written in the book.

Though the Millionaire Maker Manual is written to make awareness about Andy’s insurance company, he shares all the tactics that brought him to today’s place through the book.

Andy Albright keeps the information about his properties secret. So, we could only collect a little information about his properties. We just got to know about his earning and calculated an approximate value of his net worth.

Awards and Achievements

Collage of Andy Albright in various actions with a header 'Awards and Achievements' then the website address ''.

Andy Albright’s exploits and hard work in the insurance industry have not gone in vain. For his revolutionary work, Andy has been honored with many awards.

Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, he received the most honored award. In 2009, Andy was recently honored with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) award.

Coupled with this, he is a famous writer and motivational speaker. Andy always makes a good impact on his readers’ or listeners’ minds. His words motivate people to gain the remarkable success that he wanted. So, Andy is trusted and respected by all.

Andy Albright’s Pets

Collage of two photos of Andy Albright with his pets.

Andy is famous as an animal lover among his friends & family. He is passionate about his two sweet and loyal dogs, Reba and Pepper. He also owns some llamas and goats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Andy Albright married?

Yes, Andy Albright is happily married. He and his wife have two kids. The couple used to live in the Burlington suburb of Union Ridge until 2019. But now they live on Treasure Island in Florida.

Who is Andy Albright’s wife?

The name of Andy Albright’s wife is Jane Albright. They are happily married and blessed with two kids. The kids are adults now. Jane was always by the side of Andy. Andy revealed that Jane continued her job while she was ill during their tough time. Also, Jane supported Andy in every situation.

How many children does Andy Albright have?

Andy Albright and Jane Albright are blessed with two kids. A daughter and a Son. The daughter, Haleigh, got married in 2019. And the son, Spencer, is currently studying at North Carolina State University.

Where does Andy Albright live?

Andy Albright has recently been moved to Treasure Island in Florida. But before 2019, Andy and his family lived in the Burlington suburb of Union Ridge. Furthermore, he was there from childhood to the beginning of his career.

How many social media followers does Andy Albright have?

Andy Albright has a good number of followers on all social media channels. Andy engages with people through various social media. If we take a look at his social accounts, we will see –
● TikTok – Over 10.7K followers.
● Instagram – 43K followers.
● LinkedIn – 13K followers.
● YouTube – 3.27K subscribers.
On other social media like Facebook and Twitter, he also has a massive number of followers.

Sum Up

Andy Albright is a successful business owner, author, and motivational speaker. He distributes hope through his books and speeches. Also, Andy shares the strategy that he applied to become a millionaire.

We covered the head-to-toe of Andy’s net worth, property, business information, and achievements. In his personal history, we saw how he turned from a textile job holder to an entrepreneur.

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