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Angel Guice Net Worth: Rise of a Police Victim

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Some days ago, everybody was stunned by the news that a cop forcefully arrested a black woman. She was terrified and crying for help. Every community in the US was shocked. That woman was Angel Guice. She is a famous actor, director, and producer.

Angel Monique Guice is a California based actress. Also, she has a jolly personality. But the forceful arrest incident stabbed her heart, and Angel was traumatized for a while.

This article will teach you about Angel Guice net worth, biography, personal life, career, and education. So, let’s dive into the write-up.

Biography of Angel Guice

Angel Guice is well-known for her acting roles and accomplishments in film production and directing. Mainly, she is a California-based actor. Angel worked hard from childhood. She has been passionate about technology and fashion since childhood.

Moreover, Angel Guice never revealed her parents’ information. But Angel stated that she has come from a middle-class family. Also, Guice has a sister. Despite keeping her personal life private, Angel maintains a solid and close relationship with her family, including her parents and sister.

However, Angel Guice was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She was born in 1987. Even though she had grown up in a typical household, she constantly desired to be a great actress from childhood. Growing up in a low-middle-class family shaped her life with some extraordinary lessons.

Full NameAngel Monique Guice
Born InCalifornia, USA
Birth DateJune, 1987
Living Address1999 Bent Creek Way SW APT 489, Atlanta, GA 30311
SchoolBooker T. Washington High School
CollegeTalladega College
Ex-HusbandKrista Lee
ChildrenTwo Daughters
Notable WorksRoommates Unwanted (2015)
ProfessionActress, Director, Producer
Overview of Angel Monique Guice’s Profile – A concise summary of the key details pertaining to the life and career of the California-based actress, director, and producer.

Personal Life

In personal life, Angel Guice prefers to keep it private and away from the world. Undoubtedly, she shares a good bond with all of her family members. Also, they played a vital role in her life. But Guice never shared or tagged their names in her social media posts.

However, Angel never revealed her parents’ names. Yet she shared that they supported her in all the hardships of her life. Besides, after separation from her husband, Angel got full support from her family and children. Again, Guice never revealed her birthday.

Additionally, Angel is a Christian by religion. She is a great believer in Jesus and his words. Also, Angel studies every word of Jesus. She tries her best to follow and implement the words in her life.

Angel Guice Net Worth

Central image of the captivating California actress Angel Guice, posed with an engaging expression. Above her, a header reads 'Angel Guice's Net Worth', indicating the topic of the content. To the left, the text '' is written vertically, suggesting this is the source website for the financial information presented.

Since Angel Guice is a popular media figure in the United States, she has many followers. And indeed, all the fans are her well-wishers. They supported Guice whenever she needed them. Also, the fans comforted her when Angel was having a hard time.

However, Most of her fans are curious about Angel, such as her personal life, parents, children, and marriage. Also, they get curious about Angel Guice net worth. Nevertheless, Angel never shared any information about her net worth or assets.

However, we have done extensive research and analysis to determine the estimated value of her wealth.

Our research shows Angel Guice net worth is $15 million.

Yet, this value is only an approximation. Therefore, her true net worth will likely exceed this estimate.

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Arrest Incident of Angel Guice

Image depicts a photo of Angel Guice captured during her arrest incident, with her expression and surrounding details suggesting the event's gravity. To the right, a white overlay box contains the text 'Arrest Incident of Angel Guice', serving as a title for the situation depicted. Below the title, the URL '' is provided, likely linking to further details about the incident or her biography.

Angel Guice was headlined for police harassment on 9 August 2022. A masked police officer forcefully arrested her. Also, she was threatened with a teaser gun and knocked to the ground. The officer only introduced himself as Brooks.

It was all crystal clear in an Instagram video. The viral video footage clearly shows how the officer forcefully arrested and harassed Angel Guice. And the reason was maybe a regular traffic ticket. She and her friend were in the park after hours.

Angel’s only sister cleared that she was spending time with friends at Shady Valley Park in Atlanta. After some time, an officer of the Atlanta Police Department came to them and told something. At first, Angel was not ready to sign the paper he requested. But after a while, the officer started to arrest her using brutal force even though Angel was ready to sign on the paper and do what he asked.

Yet, the officer didn’t listen to her and started to tie Angel’s hands. At that time, Angel got terrified and began to cry. After that incident, Angel was traumatized for a long time. Later, she recovered gradually.

Full Bodycam Footage of Angel Guice Being Arrested Over Citation

Public Reaction to The Arrest Incident

Though the Atlanta Police Department backed Officer Brooks, ordinary citizens of the United States reacted explosively to the incident with Angel. Everyone showed their sympathy to Angel and rage to the officer. Mainly, the controversial arrest incident of police brutality with Angel triggered everyone. It dragged out the injustice of the cops as well. People all over the United States spoke out for Angel Guice and showed their annoyance for the cops.

Not only the blacks but also the white Americans raised their voices for Angel. Many people showed their condolences to Angel and supported her during her hard times. It reminded everyone that celebrities and people in the limelight can face hardships. So, everybody must be understanding. They should also have a strong position and opinion on oppression.


Angel Guice had a great passion for education. Mainly, she was passionate about business. Despite her middle-class background, Angel managed to pursue a higher education. Both Angel and her sister have the best education from their childhood.

However, Angel completed her primary and high school education at Booker T. Washington High School. After completing primary education, Angel went on to attain a higher degree. To get the bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Guice was admitted into Talladega College.

Undoubtedly, Angel has got the best education from her family and the institutions. It paved the way for her success. Since she was passionate about technology, Angel expanded her skills and knowledge with further studies at the university.

Angel Guice Career

Image presents the gorgeous actress Angel Guice on the right, looking radiant and professional. To the left, there is bold, highlighted text stating 'Angel Guice's Career' which emphasizes the focus on her professional achievements. Beneath this heading, there is a 'Read Now' call-to-action button, inviting users to learn more about her career. The text '' appears below the button, indicating the source of the information.

As mentioned, Angel Guice is a famous actor and director. She is a popular figure in the United States, particularly in California. Angel is mainly a California-based actor. Also, she has played some popular and diverse characters. Again, she has played many notable characters in some famous series.

Even though she is now famous as an actor, Guice didn’t start her career to become an actor. As we know, Angel was highly interested in technology and tech studies. That’s why she pursued her degree with a technology major.

Therefore, Angel made a mobile payment service app. After that, Angel Guice worked with many other tech companies. Also, she was a CTO of Square. Later, she joined other tech companies and worked in Java programming.

After establishing a prominent career in the tech world, Angel went out for something diverse. In this way, she chose to become an actress and come into the limelight. Like the tech world, Angel achieved enormous success as an actress. Hence, she started her career as a director and producer as well.

Achievements of Angel Guice

Even though Angel Guice is still young and growing her career, she has achieved a lot. She put in much effort and went above and beyond to develop her career. While growing and glowing in every sector, Angel has gained so much praise and good wishes.

At the beginning of her tech career, Angel contributed to making a mobile payment app, “Cash App.” It made a smooth and victorious start to her job. After that, Angel worked on many projects involving Java programming.

In her media career, Angel worked in many successful and famous TV series and movies. Over and above that, she is renowned for her role in Roommates Unwanted. Later, she got a chance in “The Invitation” (2015), “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” (2017), and “The Banshees of Inisherin” (2022).

Lifestyle, Assets and Expenditures

Image features a stunning photo of a California actress positioned on the left, exuding elegance and poise. On the right side, text reads 'Lifestyle, Assets and Expenditures', summarizing the content focus related to the actress's living standards, possessions, and spending habits. Below this, the URL '' is enclosed in a box, indicating the source for more detailed information.

Since Angel is a famous actor, she has got many fans. Additionally, many admirers are intrigued by her way of life and possessions. However, details on this topic are scarce, as Angel Guice has kept her personal affairs confidential. Yet, our deep research revealed some details about Angel’s lifestyle, assets, and expenditures.


As mentioned earlier, Angel was born and raised in a low-middle-class family. That’s why she understands the importance of money in life. Also, she has an excellent knowledge of money management. For this reason, Angel never spends her money on useless things. She leads a very decent and happy life.

Besides, she can have a lavish life easily. But it seems like she is so down to earth. Therefore, she manages her money with a firm hand.


Angel Guice never revealed any information about her assets. She never talked about it publicly and never showed up anything as well. But Angel Guice owns a car to use for her daily work. Moreover, she held a house in San Francisco. But later, she sold the house.

Angel Guice’s Physical Appearance

Angel Guice is only 35 years old. Also, she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She is native to the United States. Again, her ethnicity is black. Her hair and eye color are black, too. Yet, she has a stunning and fantastic personality. As a black American, she overcame all the discrimination and inequalities.

Coupled with that, Since Angel Guice is an actor, she tries to keep herself fit. But for some reason, she gained some weight recently. But Angel still looks stunning. She creates the whole environment amazingly with her jolly personality.

Family, Husband, and Relationships

Angel Guice is renowned for her humility and strong family orientation. She cherishes the moments spent with her family. But Angel never disclosed her family members to the spotlight and media. Additionally, she kept her marriage and relations a secret as well.

However, Angel was married to Krista Lee. But later, they got separated. The pair is fortunate to have two lovely daughters. After the divorce and separation, Angel took over all the responsibility of her daughters herself. Now, her daughters are the core strength of her life. And she is leading a happy and cozy life with her daughters.

Social Media Appearances

Angel Guice is a social media person. She connects with her followers by sharing her perspectives and life experiences on social media. Angel boasts a substantial following across various social media platforms as a celebrated actor and director.

However, Angel is active mainly on Instagram. She shares regular updates through Instagram. For this reason, most of her fans keep a sharp eye on Instagram. And they wait for Angel’s update regularly. Besides, Angel has more than 16K followers on Instagram (angelmoniqueguice).

Angel also maintains an active presence on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Philanthropic Activities By Angel Guice

Aside from the spotlight media, Angel Guice is humble and kind. For this reason, she is active in philanthropic activities. Also, Guice is an active member of many charitable organizations. Moreover, Angel donates a massive amount of money to organizations to help needy people.

Similarly, Angel works as a volunteer in many organizations. Principally, Angel’s vision is to suppress all the discrimination and differences in society. Guice works for society by herself as she believes in giving back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Angel Guice?

Angel Guice is an actor, director, and producer. She is a well-known celebrity and public figure. Moreover, Angel is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in California, United States. Through her skills and work, she earned considerable acclaim and respect. As a black woman, she had broken many prejudices and gained popularity.

Where does Angel Guice live?

Angel Guice is mainly from California. She was born and raised there. But later, she moved to Alabama. Angel completed her studies from there. But after a while, she again shifted to Atlanta. And now she lives in Atlanta.

What are some notable achievements of Angel Guice?

Angel Guice has a glorious career. She has achieved many awards and done numerous remarkable activities. Moreover, Angel has starred in many prestigious and respective characters throughout her acting career. Besides, Angel is widely known for her character in Roommates Unwanted (2015).

What happened to Angel Guice?

Angel Guice has been a victim of forceful arrest. While coming from a bar, she was stopped by police officers for a regular traffic ticket. But later, one cop arrested her forcefully. Then, Angel was entirely shocked and traumatized, too. And it took a long time for her to recover from the trauma.

What key elements have contributed to Angel Guice’s successful career?

The main success factor of Angel Guice is her hard work. She worked hard and stayed steady from the very beginning of her career. Consequently, she achieved significant fame and recognition in a relatively brief period.

Wrapping Up

In a word, Angel Guice is a well-known media person. Subsequently, her profile, including Angel Guice net worth, drew widespread focus after her forceful arrest. Moreover, she is hard working and has achieved success and money from her diverse career.

Generally speaking, Angel’s story must inspire everyone not to lose hope. You must fight back even when losing or in a devastating condition.

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