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Annetta Powell Net Worth: A Story of Resilience

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The United States was stunned to hear the news of a scam of famous real estate businessperson Annetta Powell. Later, She was ashamed and apologized for her work. And now, Annetta has become more powerful and established in the business world.

Annetta Powell is a famous business figure, inspirational speaker, and career mentor. She has become a millionaire with her hard work and dedication. Again, she empowers the black community against the suppression and differences.

Annetta Powell Net Worth Journey: From Scandal to Success

This article will delve into the fascinating journey of Annetta Powell net worth, personal life, bio, career, and business success.

Biography of Annetta Powell

NameAnnetta Powell
ProfessionSerial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Tax Preparer
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Birth Date7 February 1976
Age48 Years as of 2024
Zodiac SignAquarius
ActivitiesOffers a complimentary Tax Masterclass designed to guide you on the path to becoming a prosperous entrepreneur.
Notable EventsIn 2008, during her rise in real estate, she agreed to a court order stopping her and her businesses from doing taxes for others.
EducationHarvard University
BusinessKnown to customers as “The Tax Experts”
Quick Overview: Key Information About Annetta Powell

Annetta Powell is a self-described entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She claims to be a serial entrepreneur. Moreover, she has an extraordinary life. Annetta is a strong woman and always speaks against discrimination and suppression. Also, as a black woman, Annetta empowers other women, especially black women.

Annetta Powell was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Annetta was born on 7 February 1976. Furthermore, Annetta worked hard from childhood to get a better position and grow higher.

Moreover, Annetta once chose the wrong side to earn more money. She scammed the real estate investor and stole their money. As a result, Annetta has to go to prison. But she never broke down. Annetta again started to do her business honestly and soon got more familiar than before. Along with that, she earned the investor’s faith and more money as well.

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Annetta Powell’s Personal Life

Annetta Powell’s personal life is full of ups and downs. As a Georgia-based business tycoon, Annetta worked hard to establish her business. She exhibits a high level of dedication and hard work. Together with, Annetta stated that her parents were always by her side from the beginning. They always lend a hand whenever she needs it. Annetta shares a great bond with her parents and family.

However, Annetta never explored her family information. She never said if she was born in a high or middle-class family. Furthermore, details about her parents remained undisclosed, except for the revelation that they were deaf. Further, Annetta shared that she has sisters but not their names. But she once shared a birthday post of her mother. Annetta also said that she idolizes her mother all the time.

Another with Annetta Powell has a very humble personality. She cherishes moments spent with her parents and family. Also, Annetta loves to travel and read books. She has traveled extensively across Asia and Europe. By religion, Annetta follows Christianity. And Annetta’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of a progressive, dedicated, and innovative personality.

Annetta Powell Net Worth

Annetta Powell in a red outfit against a pink background with text "Annetta Powell Net Worth" and website link "".

Annetta Powell is a hardworking and dedicated business personality. She worked all through her life to get a better position. Additionally, Annetta earned a lot. As a famous businesswoman and motivational speaker, Annetta has a lot of fans and followers.

Many of Annetta’s fans and followers want to know about her life and the net worth, wealth, and assets of Annetta Powell. Not to mention that all her fans love her and always stand up for her at any time. Although Annetta shared many details about herself, she never disclosed her net worth or salary.

Since there is almost no information about Annetta Powell’s net worth, we don’t know the exact value of her net worth. But we have done our best and most extreme research to understand the approximate value of Annetta Powell’s net worth. Our research shows Annetta Powell has a net worth of $5 million.

Yet, it is an approximate value of her net worth. The exact value must be more than that.

How did Annetta Ended Up in Prison?

Annetta Powell is a well-established business person and real estate broker. She was always on the honest path while doing the business. But Annetta was misguided by her mind and tried to earn more money. As a result, she used the wrong way and schemed a scam.

2008, Annetta was developing a way for her clients to roll down the payments into mortgages. At that time, she got caught as a real estate mogul. With the help of this side scam, Annetta earned a lot. But the money was completely illegal.

When the police discovered her scam, they immediately removed her scams and arrested Annetta. She was locked in for 15 months. After that, the federal court sentenced her for the next 24 months.

How did Annetta Restore Her business after coming back from prison?

Annetta Powell is mentally very strong. She doesn’t give up easily. After the sentencing, Annetta realized her mistake. Also, she was ashamed of what she had done. But Annetta never broke down. She took the imprisonment as a lesson.

Furthermore, Annetta stated in one interview that the prison made her life different. She was even stronger than before. Annetta also said she thought everything wisely and made her life new.

Annetta said that she gained a lot of knowledge and life skills. Over and above that, she wrote 100 book names while locked in prison. And when she was sent to jail, she read all of them and gained knowledge.

Another of Annetta’s family was very supportive of her when she was locked in. She said her sisters came to manage her business, real estate, and house. Further, Annetta mentioned a friend who managed her money. That is the reason she didn’t lose her business and money.

In addition, Annetta said that she earned $ 8,000,000 before going to prison. But after coming back, Annetta made $1M+ from her tax stores.


With being a well-known real estate broker and business consultant, Annetta is also highly well-educated. Primarily, she received the best education from her family. Despite being deaf, Annetta’s parents taught their children to be kind and fair to everybody.

However, Annetta finished both her elementary and secondary schooling in her hometown. After completing it, she went out to pursue a bachelor’s degree. For this reason, Annetta got admitted into the University of Miami and obtained her Bachelor’s with a Business Administration major.

After completing the Bachelor’s, Annetta got admitted into Harvard University to complete her Master’s degree. There, she studied Real Estate Development. Later, she completed many real estate skills courses to gain more knowledge. After taking many courses and seminars, Annetta has become a Real Estate Master.


Annetta Powell smiling and posing in a striped dress with text "Annetta Powell's Career" and "".

Annetta Powell started her career as an entrepreneur. Since she has a good knowledge of the real estate business, she started her business in that sector. With good knowledge and high skills, Annetta earned much money and fame in real estate. Also, Annetta combined her experience and education to thrive on success.

Along with that, Annetta is a motivational speaker and a career coach. She motivates others with her comforting words. Mainly, Annetta tries to encourage women, especially black women. With her empowering words, Annetta tries to encourage the black women and bring them out of their shells.

Together with as a career coach, Annetta gives the best tips to thrive in business. She especially guides the newbies and helps them to reach their business goals.

Lifestyle, Assets and Expenditures

Since Annetta Powell is a famous businesswoman and motivational speaker, people want to know about her lifestyle. Everybody wants to seize the lifestyle of the successful.

Lifestyle and Expenditures

Annetta lives a luxurious life. Even though her lifestyle is lavish, she never spends money on useless things. As a successful businessperson, she knows how to manage her money well. Annetta invests her money wisely and grows her business more.

Moreover, Annetta is hardworking and does her work with complete dedication. She attained immense success with her hard work and commitment.


Being a successful business personality, Annetta owns many assets. She holds a multi-million dollar home. Also, Annetta owns a luxurious royal car. Again, she has a lot of exotic jewelry and designer clothes. Annetta might have some assets but never revealed more details about her wealth.

Physical Appearance

Annetta Powell smiling in a metallic dress with text "PHYSICAL APPEARANCE" and the website "" below.

Annetta Powell has an appealing personality with a striking physical appearance. Even though she is 47, she still looks like 28. Moreover, Annetta Powell is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She possesses black hair and a medium skin tone. Also, her signature style is minimal makeup with dark brown eyes and a professional outfit.

Annetta’s physical appearance and decent dress sense convey the aura of her success. Again, her dress-up makes her character and personality strong. With a simple and professional look, Annetta has emerged as a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Family, Boyfriends, and Relationships

As mentioned earlier, Annetta Powell is a family person. Aside from work, she loves to spend her time with her family. And Annetta has a great bond with all of her members. She is close to her parents, especially to her mother. Annetta, passionate about traveling, often goes on trips with her family to make the most of her leisure time.

Annetta zipped her mouth in the matter of boyfriend and relationships. Since she is a successful business personality, a few dating rumors arose. But Annetta never accepted them and claimed the news was fake. Therefore, it is inevitable that Annetta is still single and has no relationships. Moreover, she wants to focus on her career more.

Social Media Appearances

Annetta has a strong presence not only in the corporate world but also in social media. She maintains a strong social media presence and boasts a large following across these platforms. She shares her thoughts and valuable insights that help to reach someone’s goal.

Annetta Powell on Instagram

On Instagram, Annetta Powell shares her thoughts and business tips. She posts every single video with some valuable tips and business strategies. And Annetta has a massive following on Instagram. On Instagram, Annetta Powell has 635K followers (annettapowell).

Annetta Powell on Facebook

Annetta Powell shares her thoughts on Facebook, too. She reaches a mass community through Facebook. Additionally, Annetta shares her business tips on Facebook. On Facebook, Annetta Powell has 815K followers (Annetta Powell).

Annetta Powell on YouTube

Like all other social media, Annetta shares her business strategies on YouTube. Even though YouTube is not a social media but a search engine, Annetta has a large following. Annetta Powell has 28.8K subscribers on her YouTube channel (Annetta Powell).

Philanthropic Activities

Annetta Powell is a very kind and humble person. She believes in giving back to her community. In particular, Annetta works with black women. Annetta is a part of many charitable and philanthropic organizations. She regularly donates a good amount of money to the organizations. In this way, she helps the needy and helpless. Again, her vision is to give a positive life to the helpless people.

Furthermore, Annetta is dedicated to helping poor students. That’s why she contributes to many scholarship foundations. Moreover, Annetta donates to local charities and homeless shelters. Also, she donates to many animal rescue centers as an animal lover. Most importantly, Annetta works as a volunteer in those philanthropic organizations whenever she has time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was Annetta Powell convicted of?

Annetta Powell is a renowned entrepreneur. She is a very popular and clever businessperson. Also, Annetta knows her business very well. As a result, she earned a lot of money and took her business on high within a very short time. But the police found out that she was scheming her customers. For this reason, Annetta Powell was found guilty and received a sentence.

How long Annetta Powell was in jail?

Annetta Powell was sentenced to 24 months in 2014. She is a prominent real estate booker. Also, Annetta earned a lot of money and gained much belief quickly. But Annetta chose the wrong side to achieve more. That’s why she was arrested and sent to jail.

Who is Annetta Powell?

Annetta Powell claims to be a serial entrepreneur and real estate broker. Additionally, she serves as a motivational speaker and career mentor. Annetta teaches others the best tricks to be successful in their businesses. Moreover, her career in real estate brokerage is flourishing.

What is Annetta Powell’s net worth?

Annetta Powell has never revealed details about her net worth. She has kept the amount of her earnings confidential. Therefore, information regarding Annetta’s net worth remains undisclosed. Yet, according to our deep research, Annetta Powell’s net worth is around $5 million.

How old is Annetta Powell?

Annetta Powell is 47 years old now. She was born in 1976. Also, Annetta was born in the United States. As a black American, she faced a lot of discrimination but overcame all of them and became a successful entrepreneur.

Wrapping Up

In a word, Annetta Powell is a great business magnet and career coach. She teaches how to thrive in any business with hard work and passion. Further, Annetta empowers black women and suppresses the community.

What’s more, Annetta’s life story inspires all to not give up in any condition. After reading her story, anyone will feel the importance of staying strong and not falling.

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