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Becky Hillyard Net Worth: Unveiling the Cella Jane Blog’s Success Story

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If you have a passion for fashion, you’re likely familiar with the renowned style blog Cella Jane. It is the most popular blog in the United States. However, The founder of Cella Jane is Becky Hillyard. She ranks among the most celebrated fashion influencers across the United States. She shares her fashion ideas through her blog, Cella Jane.

Furthermore, Becky is a social media influencer. Her aesthetic fashion sense has a massive following on every social media.

In this write-up, we will cover the journey of Cella Jane, Becky Hillyard net worth, lifestyle, education, and career.

Bio of Becky Hillyard

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Becky Hillyard has made a name for herself as a skilled and prominent fashion blogger. She creates blog posts about home décor, lifestyle, and fashion. Moreover, Becky is a social media influencer. She shares her thoughts with other fashion enthusiasts through social media.

Unlike other social media stars, Becky never kept her personal life secret. She always shares her everyday life with her followers. Although Becky never disclosed much of her parents’ information, Becky shares a close bond with them. But she mostly shares memories with her mother. Becky’s mother owns a spa called Ave Medical Laser Spa.

Furthermore, Becky Hillyard came into the world on the 13th of October, 1983. Also, she spent her early years growing up in the landscapes of South Dakota. But later, after marriage, Becky shifted to Kansas City.

Full NameBecky Hillyard
ProfessionFashion Blogger, Social Media Influencer
Best Known ForFounder of Cella Jane Blog
Birth PlaceSouth Dakota
Currently Living InKansas City
Date of BirthOctober 13, 1983
Zodiac SignLibra
EducationDegree in Psychology with a Business Minor
Alma MaterUniversity of Nebraska
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameMichael Hillyard
ChildrenOne daughter, two sons
Notable WorksCella Jane Blog, Collaboration with fashion brands
Social Media ReachLarge following across multiple platforms
Key Information About Becky Hillyard, the Fashion Maven Behind Cella Jane Blog

The Inception of Becky Hillyard’s Blog

The journey of starting Cella Jane’s blog could have been smoother. Although Becky Hillyard had full support from her family, the start took a lot of hardships. Besides, all hard work leads to success. By the same token, Becky’s hard work, dedication, and love saw success in a short time.

However, Becky mentioned that her fascination with fashion and beauty took root during her childhood. Beckey also said that her mother inspired her. From early childhood, she liked to design and decorate her rooms.

While doing a marketing job after graduation, Becky started getting close to social media. She recognized it as a means to share her passions with the world. And then, Becky began to write blogs about fashion, fitness, and beauty. She started Cella Jane blogs in 2012.

Furthermore, Becky started to write daily and share different ideas and thoughts about fashion and beauty. Moreover, she included lifestyle, home decor, and outfit ideas in her blogs. Not to mention that Becky worked hard and made her hobby turn into a successful business.

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@Cellajaneblog Styles Her New Collab

What is the Net Worth of Becky Hillyard?

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Becky Hillyard is a successful businesswoman and a lifestyle influencer in the USA. Besides, she is famous worldwide for her blog, Cella Jane. She shares exclusive and aesthetic fashion and design ideas through her blogs.

As a successful businesswoman, Becky earns a lot. Again, she boasts a substantial following on all her social media platforms. Many want to know about her wealth, assets, and net worth.

Although Becky shared every detail of her life with her fans, she never disclosed her wealth. Indeed, her financial details are a secret. So, gathering information about her net worth required considerable effort.

But by our deep research, we accumulated the net worth of Becky Hillyard, which is $4 million. For this information, we went through her public records and deep analysis. Even so, the value we mention is estimated. Therefore, the actual value may be more than that.


Becky Hillyard comes from a well-educated family. She is highly educated and has attained great academic success. Becky completed high school in her hometown. After completing high school graduation, she admitted herself to a well-known university.

Later, Becky Hillyard earned her degree in Psychology, complemented by a minor in Business. She received her degree from the University of Nebraska. After graduation, she started working. When Becky was starting the business, her academic knowledge helped a lot.

Career and Achievements

Currently, Becky Hillyard is recognized as a prominent figure in the fashion blogging sphere. She established the Cella Jane blog. Through her blogs, she shares her unique and aesthetic fashion ideas. Becky has been interested in fashion and beauty since her childhood. As she wanted to share her thoughts with many people, she started blogging in 2012.

Before starting her successful career as a blogger, Becky used to do a marketing job. She joined the job right after completing her graduation.

While working as a marketer, she started writing her famous blog, Cella Jane. Now, Cella Jane is the most famed blog in the USA. Also, Becky is famed as a social media influencer. She has a lot of followers on every social media.

Why Is Becky Called The Latest Trendsetter?

Becky Hillyard is called the latest trendsetter and style icon. The design and decor style that Becky shares are exclusive and exquisite. On top of that, she is different from other fashion artists. Becky helps other working women and mothers decorate their homes and improve their looks with their personal style.

Additionally, this American fashion blogger always uses the best products but on a limited budget. She avoids high-priced products. Moreover, Becky stated that she tries to highlight budget-friendly products.

Physical Appearance of Becky Hillyard

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Becky Hillyard is a beautiful middle-aged woman. As a working mother, she has a strict schedule every day. Even so, Becky manages to be beautiful. She is 40 years old now. Becky is a mom of three. Again, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 65 kilograms.

To boot, Becky Hillyard is dedicated to fashion and fitness. She loves to run and do yoga. Sometimes, Becky also does weightlifting. She goes hiking to keep her mind and body fresh. Also, Becky has a charming and energetic personality.

Family and Husband

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Becky Hillyard is a family person. She enjoys a blissful marriage with her soulmate. Becky Hillyard is married to Michael Hillyard. Both of them met while pursuing their graduation degree. On the 11th of June, 2012, they got married. Moreover, Becky had the support of her husband whenever she needed it. Once, she said they both had each other’s back whenever anyone needed it.

At present, Michael and Becky have three children together. Their family includes a lovely daughter and two sons. Altogether, Becky is now leading a happy family.

Social Media Handles

As mentioned earlier, Becky Hillyard is recognized as a trendsetting fashion blogger and an influential social media personality. Becky mostly posts her video blogs and design ideas on Instagram and LTK. Also, she has a massive following on every social media channel.

While working as a marketer, Becky learned how important social media is to promote your products. As a result, she started to post on various social media and catch more eyes for her blogs.

  • Becky Hillyard on Instagram

Becky Hillyard is very active on Instagram. Instagram is among the best social media for connecting with more people worldwide. That’s why Becky chose Instagram to gain more attention and share her thoughts with more people. She posts her design ideas, videos, and events of her everyday life.

Through this social media, Becky got much attention. Still, she is growing on Instagram. Becky has 795K followers on Instagram (cellajaneblog).

  • Becky Hillyard on Pinterest

Becky also shares her thoughts through Pinterest. She posts quality content and ideas frequently. For this reason, Becky is snowballing on Pinterest. She has around 134k followers and 10M+ monthly views on Pinterest (Cella Jane Blog by Becky Hillyard).

  • Becky Hillyard on Facebook

Becky uses Facebook to reach more audiences. Like other social media, she uses Facebook to promote her blogs. On Facebook, Becky has 8.8K likes and 10K followers (Cella Jane).

  • Becky Hillyard on LTK

LTK, or Like To Know, works as a social media app. That is a space where you’re welcome to express your opinions and concepts. Additionally, LTK serves as a retail platform offering desired products at competitive prices.

Becky Hillyard is also very active on LTK. Almost every day, she posts and shares her thoughts on this platform. Becky has more than 582.8K followers on LTK (cellajaneblog).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Becky Hillyard?

Becky Hillyard is a famous fashion blogger in the United States. She is also a successful businessperson. Through Bescky’s blog, Becky promotes various brands and shows design ideas. Again, she is a social media star. Becky shares her design thoughts and daily life activities through social media.

What is Becky Hillyard’s net worth?

Becky Hillyard earns a significant monthly income through her successful career as a renowned fashion blogger and social media influencer. But as she never revealed her income in public, her net worth is unknown. Our deep research and analysis estimated that Becky Hillyard’s net worth is about $4 million.

How did Becky Hillyard acquire her wealth?

Becky Hillyard is a famous blogger and successful businesswoman. She started to write blogs for her interest. By then, she had worked hard and made unique blogs and fashion ideas. As a result, Becky became a famous blogger and acquired vast wealth.

What is Becky Hillyard’s fashion style?

Becky Hillyard loves simple and aesthetic looks. In her blogs, she creates a fantastic makeover for every outfit. Moreover, Becky makes every style suitable for any age or look.

What is Becky Hillyard’s blog called?

Becky Hillyard’s blog is called Cella Jane Blogs. Her blogs share her thoughts on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home decor. As she loves neutral tones and aesthetic designs, she notes how to decorate your home, life, and yourself easily and elegantly.

Final Thoughts

Becky Hillyard’s story is nothing short of inspiring. As a top-tier fashion blogger and savvy entrepreneur, she stands as a testament to what success looks like. She’s not just a business powerhouse; she’s also a devoted mother to three kids.

Becky’s journey has been marked by elegance and determination. Her blogging started as a hobby, but soon, it blossomed into a lucrative career. This transformation has played a pivotal role in building impressive net worth of Becky Hillyard and catapulting her to multi-millionaire status.

Moreover, Becky’s narrative shines as a source of motivation for moms everywhere. She’s mastered balancing the demanding roles of parenting and professional life. Her story resonates with a powerful message: dedication and consistent effort can turn dreams into reality. Becky exemplifies that it’s possible to reach one’s goals regardless of obstacles.

In essence, Becky Hillyard’s financial achievements highlight a powerful truth. When you mix commitment, enthusiasm, and persistent effort, the results can be remarkable—even under the most challenging conditions.

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