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Brooke Riley Net Worth: Story of A Working Mother to Entrepreneur

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What is Brooke Riley net worth? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of this incredible entrepreneur and her journey to success.

She is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman in the United States. Many people know her because of her company, Re-Fabbed. It is renowned for its exceptional home decor and lifestyle products. However, as the owner and CEO of Re-Fabbed, Brooke Riley leads with passion and determination.

Breaking Down Brooke Riley Net Worth: Re-Fabbed Revenue Secrets

How did Brooke become the CEO of a company worth millions of dollars? She faced numerous obstacles along her entrepreneurial journey but tackled each challenge with exceptional wit and resourcefulness.

Now, let’s dive into her accomplishments and financial success. As a prominent entrepreneur, Brooke has garnered significant attention and amassed a considerable fortune. This article will tell us about Brooke Riley net worth, her age, and the story of how Re-Fabbed was created.

Introducing Brooke Riley – A Brief Overview

An image of Brooke Riley, the star of Re-Fabbed, with "Introducing Brooke Riley" written on top and "The Re-Fabbed Queen" below. Text also includes "Website Address

Brooke Riley is known for her open and genuine connection with her fans. She effortlessly uplifts those facing challenges by sharing her journey.

Brooke is the oldest of her siblings. She was born on July 20, 1988, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States. Brooke Riley has a younger brother and sister. She has always emphasized the unwavering support she receives from her family, even during difficult times.

How does Brooke maintain such a strong bond with her fans? By sharing her personal life and encouraging positive interactions. Her impact on others is truly inspiring.

NameBrooke Riley
Birth PlaceHopkinsville, Kentucky, United States
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1988
Zodiac SignCancer
Weight65 Kg
Height5 feet 4 inches
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJonathan Jeffcoat
ChildrenGirl: Eden Grace
Boy: Blaize Griffin
CollegeMurray State University
ProfessionBusiness, Blogger, YouTuber, Business Coach, Social Media Influencer
Comprehensive Table of Brooke Riley

What is Brooke Riley’s Net Worth?

An image of Brooke Riley, the star of Re-Fabbed, with "Brooke Riley's Net Worth" written on top. Text also includes "Website Address

Brooke Riley is a well-known businessperson passionate about DIY, travel, and lifestyle blogs. Not only does she create engaging content, but she also operates an e-commerce store where she sells clothes and DIY products.

With her business booming, it’s no surprise that Brooke has achieved great financial success. We do not know exactly how much money she has, but our research shows that it is more than $5 million. However, Brooke Riley’s actual net worth might even surpass our estimate.

How does Brooke Riley generate such substantial income? Alongside being a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, and business advisor, she also explores avenues like sponsorships and ads. She has an inspiring story of entrepreneurial achievement.

Brooke Riley’s net worth reflects her savvy in the home decor business. In the spirit of understanding different paths to success, you may be curious how Annabella Rockwell’s net worth has been shaped over her career.

What is Brooke Riley’s Estimated Income from Re-Fabbed?

Does Brooke Riley earn a significant part of her net worth from the Re-Fabbed boutique? Yes, she does. The Re-Fabbed online boutique is a platform for selling clothes and accessories and a hub for her blog writing.

But it doesn’t stop there. The website has gained tremendous attention and transformed Re-Fabbed into a best-selling clothing e-commerce brand, ultimately turning Brooke into a millionaire. Isn’t that incredible? She went from being a fixed job holder to building her empire.

And guess what? Re-Fabbed doesn’t solely rely on its e-commerce sales. The YouTube channel associated with Re-Fabbed also contributes to the revenue stream, earning a lot from every video.

Isn’t it fascinating to see how Brooke Riley has successfully navigated the world of fashion entrepreneurship? With the Re-Fabbed boutique at the center of it all, Brooke has created an empire and achieved financial success.

Brooke Riley Re-Fabbed Channel – The Humble Beginning

An image of Brooke Riley, the star of Re-Fabbed, with "Brooke's Re-Fabbed Channel" written on top. Text also includes "Website Address

Did Brooke always dream of reaching a wider audience with her blogs and DIY ideas? Absolutely! Fortunately, her neighbor Katie, who owned a website, provided valuable guidance and support on her journey to success.

Before diving into blogging full-time, Brooke was a busy working woman. However, she loved decorating so much that she quit her job and focused all her time on her blog. Of course, she started her blog before bidding farewell to her job. Even while caring for her family, Brooke worked very hard to make her blog and brand successful.

Although she initially lacked knowledge about trading and business, Brooke diligently did her homework and learned all the trade tricks. She took a significant step by incorporating affiliate programs into her website. As a result, She started to reach more people using different social media platforms.

Once she garnered tremendous attention, Brooke engaged directly with her customers through live streams. Eventually, she even launched her Re-Fabbed boutique.

Needless to say, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your hard work pay off. Brooke’s dedication and perseverance have paid off; today, she is a successful and accomplished millionaire.

Let’s Make A Scrapbook Paper Ornaments Sign

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

Did you know that Brooke Riley, a well-known figure in the business world, has a huge following of admirers and fans? They are curious about her lifestyle and assets. Let’s dive into the details.


Despite being a multi-millionaire, Brooke cherishes her role as a family person. She spends a lot of time with the people she loves. That makes her life happy and easy. Balancing family and business is her top priority.


Brooke has managed to keep her assets a mystery, never publicly discussing them. However, in one of her blog posts, she mentioned preparing for a big move to a new home that her husband bought.

Exciting, right? Brooke Riley’s life is captivating, and her fans are always eager to know more about her fascinating journey.

Brooke Riley Career Achievements

An image of Brooke Riley, the star of Re-Fabbed, with "Career Achievements" written on top and "Brooke Riley" below. Text also includes "Website Address

Brooke Riley is a well-known businessperson in the United States. As the beloved brand Re-Fabbed’s CEO, Brooke has made a name for herself. But did you know that she started with a simple blog and added affiliate programs? From there, she expanded her empire to include a boutique, too. Talk about an e-commerce success story!

What can you find on Re-Fabbed? Everything from DIY products to travel tips, lifestyle advice, and home decorations – all under Brooke’s brand. And let’s not forget her biggest achievement yet: being featured in the prestigious Forbes Next 1000. Impressive, right?

But Brooke’s journey didn’t start with entrepreneurship. Initially, she worked at the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative but soon realized her true passion lay elsewhere. So, she was brave and chose to do what she wanted. She followed her dreams.

Brooke Riley is a great example of how you can use your passion to create a successful business.

Brooke Riley Family, Husband & Marital Status

An image of Brooke Riley with his husband and two children.

Did you know Brooke Riley and Jonathan Jeffcoat tied the knot in 2011, nine days before Brooke’s 23rd birthday? Brooke had always cherished the idea of getting married young and starting a loving family.

However, becoming parents was not easy for them. They faced many difficulties. They had a hard time having children and sadly experienced the loss of a baby. But then, a ray of hope shone upon them as they welcomed their first baby girl, Eden Grace. And guess what? Just 13 months later, Brooke was expecting again, this time with a baby boy named Blaize Griffin.

They felt so happy and loved. It was an amazing story of strength and how their dreams came true.

Brooke Riley Age, Height, Weight

How much do you know about Brooke Riley? Well, let’s unravel some interesting details about her! Did you ever wonder about her age, height, or other personal information? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Firstly, she is 35 years old – a vibrant and talented individual.
  • Now, let’s talk about her height. She exudes grace and beauty at a charming 5 feet 4 inches.
  • And let’s not forget how well she takes care of herself, maintaining a healthy weight of 65 kg.

Brooke Riley Education

Did you know that Brooke comes from a devoted Christian family? She strongly believes in God, too. That’s why Brooke attended a private Christian school from 5th grade through high school. Her dedication and faith shine through everything she does. In 2002, Brooke completed her high school studies.

But her journey didn’t end there. After she finished high school, she got a spot at Murray State University to get her Bachelor’s degree. And guess what? Brooke finished her college education in Public Relations and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Brooke Riley Social Media Accounts

An image of Brooke Riley, the star of Re-Fabbed, with "Brooke Riley Social Media Accounts" written on top. Text also includes "Website Address

Brooke isn’t just an instructor; she’s a social media influencer, too. She skillfully markets her brand and products through various social media platforms. Wondering what sets her apart? Well, she shares valuable business advice and opens up about her personal stories with her fans. How amazing is that? You should definitely check her out.

With a whopping 27.2K subscribers on YouTube (Brooke Riley Re-Fabbed), 113K followers on Instagram (re_fabbed), and 1.9K Facebook friends (Brooke Grace Riley), it’s clear that she has captured the attention of social media users. Do you want to connect with her on Twitter? While not super active there, she still boasts 608 followers (@re_fabbed).

Moreover, for those interested in learning about the impact of social media on entrepreneurship, be sure to read our article featuring the story of Joshua Charles Plattus and the rise of Ziptrader.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Brooke Riley?

Brooke is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, and instructor. She is the CEO of the multi-million company Re-Fabbed. Additionally, Brooke is a social media influencer. In Re-Fabbed, she also creates DIY, lifestyle, and travel blogs. Together with blogging, she sells his handmade products there.

How old is Brooke Riley?

Brooke was born on July 20, 1988. Therefore, she is 35 years old now. In this short time, she became a multi-millionaire and a successful businessperson.

Is Brooke Riley Married?

Yes, Brooke Riley is happily married. Her husband’s name is Jonathan Jeffcoat. Further, Brooke stated that her husband was very helpful from the beginning of her business. She has his back whenever she needs him.

What is Brooke Riley Net Worth?

Brooke is very successful. She is the head of a company worth millions of dollars, which makes her a millionaire. She became a millionaire quickly through her hard and intelligent work. According to our research, Brooke Riley net worth is $5 million.

Brooke Riley Lives in?

Brooke Riley was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States. She spent most of her lifetime there. But after her marriage, she moved to his husband’s hometown. And that is half an hour away from her hometown. Andnow, she lives in Mayfield, Western Kentucky.

Wrapping Up

Brooke is a self-made entrepreneur, businessperson, blogger, loving mother, and devoted wife. Inspired by her passion for creating DIY projects and decorating homes, Brooke Riley followed her dreams and worked tirelessly to achieve her incredible net worth.

How did she do it? By working hard and being committed to what she loves. So, if you need someone to inspire you to do what you want, Brooke Riley is a great example.

Are you ready to pursue your dreams with passion and determination? Brooke shows us that it’s possible.

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