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Catharine Arnston Net Worth: The Algae Revolution Entrepreneur

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Hey! Have you heard of Energybits? It is super cool, and its founder, Catharine Arnston, is a big name in superfoods. Catharine is not just any business owner. She is a pioneer and a giver, making waves across the US. Her company, Energybits, is about changing our diets with algae supplements. And guess what? She even shone on Shark Tank.

Here is a surprising bit: starting a business was not Catharine’s first choice. She loved her corporate job. But when her sister got sick, everything changed. Catharine decided to help others, leading her to something new. Many are curious about Catharine Arnston net worth along this journey, as her success on Shark Tank and with Energybits has sparked interest.

The Growth of Catharine Arnston Net Worth Through Algae Innovation

Now, let’s get to know Catharine Arnston better. We will look into her journey, net worth, life, and how Energybits came to be. How did she turn a passion into a successful business? Let’s find out. It is going to be an inspiring ride.

Biography of Catharine Arnston

NameCatharine Arnston
ProfessionFounder and CEO of ENERGYbits®
Born InToronto, Canada
Curren LocationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Birth Year1956
Age68 Years as of 2024
Marital StatusSingle
ActivitiesPromotes the advantages of following an alkaline diet and delves into the positive aspects of consuming organically cultivated spirulina and chlorella.
Notable EventsLaunched ENERGYbits® in response to her sister’s breast cancer diagnosis, following advice that an alkaline diet could aid in her recovery.
EducationIvey Business School at Western University
BusinessENERGYbits® is a company dedicated to advocating for algae as a nutritional supplement.
Quick Overview: Key Information About Catharine Arnston

Let’s talk about Catharine Arnston, a true leader in health and wellness from Toronto, Canada. Born in 1956, she has made a big name for herself. Catharine has been a leader, entrepreneur, corporate executive, and health coach. Most importantly, she started Energybits, showing her dedication to improving health.

Catharine is private about her family life. However, she opened up about a tough time when her sister fought breast cancer. This incident changed everything for Catharine. She was not much into research before, but her sister’s fight motivated her to seek answers.

This search led her to create Energybits. She aimed to help not just her sister but many others with her discovery. It is fascinating how Catharine turned a personal challenge into a solution for many.

Catharine Arnston’s journey shows us the power of resilience and innovation and how family experiences can drive us to make a difference. From Toronto to leading a wellness movement, Catharine’s story is truly inspiring. Her story shows us how passion and hard work can truly make a difference.

Personal Life

Catharine keeps her personal life private, especially about her family. It is clear, though, that she is very close to them. Their support has helped her succeed.

You won’t see much about her family on her social media. Catharine prefers to keep those details to herself. We see her successes, but she does not share the hard times.

As for dating, Catharine does not say much. It looks like she is single and keeps her love life private.

Even without knowing everything about her, Catharine’s story is captivating. What’s next for her? Time will tell, but it promises to be thrilling.

Catharine Arnston Net worth

Catharine Arnston smiling, leaning on hand, with "CATHARINE ARNSTON Net Worth" title and "" website.

Catharine is known worldwide for her incredible invention that has changed many lives. She loves sharing the benefits of algae with everyone.

You might be curious about Catharine’s personal life and net worth. She keeps her financial details private.

But we have looked into it. Catharine’s company, Energybits, is quite a success, valued at around $5 million. And guess what? Catharine’s net worth is over $15 million.

So here is a glimpse into Catharine Arnston’s life—a woman making a big difference with her work and doing well financially.

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Story of Energybits

Catharine Arnstone is the genius behind SuperFood, loved worldwide for her fantastic work. People admire not just her creation but also how friendly she is and her eagerness to teach about algae’s benefits. Catharine prefers to share her knowledge rather than keep it secret or compete.

People are also very curious about Catharine’s life and how much money she has. But in a cool and private way, Catharine has decided not to talk about her net worth. This act makes her even more interesting; people can not help but respect and wonder about her.

A package of ENERGYbits Spirulina Tablets with the tagline "zero sugar one ingredient" and additional descriptions focusing on fitness and energy.

Energybits Key Products

Explore superfoods with Energybits, created by Catharine Arnston. These tiny algae plants are more than just food; they are packed with 64% protein and over 40 nutrients. Algae is hailed as a top superfood for good reason.

The Energybits are made from Chlorella and Spirulina, offering more than nourishment. They are like fuel for your body and brain, helping detoxify and protect your health. They can strengthen your immune system and aid in combating illnesses.

Catharine Arnston expanded her lineup with Recoverybits, Vitalitybits, and Beautybits, each offering unique benefits. They aim to improve health, energy, or skin quality and are available directly from her website.

Why not nourish your body and brain with algae, the planet’s most nutritious superfood? Try Energybits and notice the difference on your own. It could be a real change-maker for your health.

Energybits Tablet Ingredients

  1. More than forty vitamins and minerals
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. Zink
  4. Iron
  5. Magnesium
  6. Vitamin A
  7. Fiber
  8. Vitamin k 2
  9. Essential Amino Acids
  10. Vitamin B

Benefits of Energybits

  1. Alternative of vegetables
  2. Increase immunity level
  3. Improve bone, gut, and heart condition
  4. Easy to eat Like Fast Food
  5. Offer natural energy
  6. Remove toxins from the body.
ENERGYbits Spirulina algae tablets advertised for enhancing physical performance, memory, and mitochondrial health, with product packaging in view.

Success of Energybits

Meet Catharine Arnstone and her amazing project, Energybits. Catharine has worked hard for nearly 30 years promoting health globally, putting her whole heart into Energybits.

Energybits stands out as a health food label and a key influencer in the industry. With support from many investors, it is now valued at over $10 million. Plus, appearing on The Shark Tank Show helped make Catharine and Energybits much more well-known.

Financially, Energybits is doing great, bringing in around $5 million annually. This achievement underscores the immense payoff of Catharine’s dedication and tireless effort. It is not just a story of success but about her commitment to making a healthier world. Catharine and Energybits are on an exciting path, with much more to come. Cheers to their journey, achievements, and the future ahead.


Catharine Arnstone genuinely innovates with a strong passion for transforming our views on health. Catharine’s journey is inspiring and heartwarming, showing us she is intelligent and deeply caring.

Catharine started her academic journey at Queen’s University, earning a BA in urban planning and economics in 1979. But she did not stop there. Her love for learning took her to Ivey Business School at Western University, where Catherine completed her master’s in 1986. Plus, she has a certification in arts, entertainment, and media management, showing us she is a woman of many talents.

Catharine’s life took a heartfelt turn when her sister was diagnosed with cancer. This lousy experience led her to explore algae—not a topic that crosses our minds daily. To Catharine, algae became a sign of hope and a novel avenue toward health. She even got a health coaching certificate and spent a year diving into everything algae could offer to help make a difference.

Catharine’s algae mission did not end there. She is on a quest to show the world the power of these tiny plants. Through research, innovation, and a big dream, she believes algae can help us all live better lives.

So, that is Catharine Arnstone for you—a woman on a mission fueled by knowledge, compassion, and a vision for a healthier future. We look forward to seeing her next steps, confident they will be impressive.

Lifestyle, Assets and Expenditures

Catherine is not just a successful entrepreneur; she inspires many fans. Catharine’s life and how she lives remain a bit of a mystery, so we decided to dive deep and bring you the scoop on her lifestyle and assets.


Despite her success, Catharine is not about flashy living. She is well-educated, especially in the arts, media, and business, which gives her a unique style that many admire. Catharine could easily live in luxury but prefers keeping things simple and meaningful. She is careful with her money, focusing on what truly matters to her.


Catharine keeps her financial details private, avoiding public displays of wealth. However, it is known she is the driving force behind Energybits, a company valued at nearly $10 million. This amount shows her brilliant handling of finances and dedication to her work.

So, that is a closer look at Catharine Arnston, showing us that true style does not need extravagance. Her approach to life and work is inspiring, proving you can be successful while staying true to yourself. Keep watching for more stories about inspiring figures like her.


Catharine Arnston presenting ENERGYbits algae tablets on Shark Tank, with the show's set and product displays in the background.

Catharine Arnston is an inspiring entrepreneur whose story is a model of success. Her career is impressive, from working in top marketing firms to shining on the *Shark Tank* stage in 2016.

Catharine’s life took a turn when a family health issue led her to explore the benefits of algae. This discovery led to the creation of *Energybits*, her own company focusing on algae’s health benefits. Her pitch on *Shark Tank* did not just promote her product; it spotlighted algae as a vital health food.

But Catharine’s impact does not end with entrepreneurship. She travels the world as a speaker, sharing insights on business and the importance of making healthier life choices, fueled by her passion for algae.

Catharine is also an author. She has written two engaging books, “Boost Your Brain Power: A Guide To Nutrition For Optimal Mental Health & Performance” and “What The Algae? A Comprehensive Guide To Eating Algae For Health & Vitality”. Both books have received praise for shedding light on the importance of algae in our diets.

Her story and achievements have earned spots in leading outlets such as Forbes, the New York Times, and Business Insider, highlighting her incredible journey. For anyone interested in stories of determination, innovation, and the power of algae, Catharine Arnston’s work and life are truly inspirational.


Catharine Arnston is the brilliant mind behind Energybits. She has transformed the health industry and won lots of awards along the way. In 2018, Entrepreneur Magazine named Energybits was listed among the top 100 companies known for innovation. Pitch Deck named it among the most promising startups that same year. Even Forbes highlighted Catharine in 2017 for her impressive achievements.

But there’s more to her story. On July 24, 2022, Catharine had an in-depth chat with Authority Magazine. She shared her journey to success, talked about her education, and revealed her future hopes for Energybits. It is clear that Catharine Arnston and Energybits are just warming up. We can not wait to see what their next move will be.

Family, Boyfriend, and Relationships

Catharine Arnston has a special bond with her family that means everything to her. Whether relaxing on a Sunday or celebrating at a family event, she truly values her time with her family, particularly her close relationship with her sister. These moments highlight a life filled with love.

As for her personal life, many are curious if she is dating anyone. We know that Catharine puts her career first, meaning her love life is on pause. Yes, Catharine is single and focusing on her business with great dedication. For those wondering, she is enjoying the single life and showing that it is possible to have a fulfilling life on your terms.

Social Media Appearance

Catharine Arnston started as a marketing pro and has become a leader in her industry. She is not just good at business; she is also active on social media. She keeps everyone updated on her Energybits product on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

But Catharine does more than just talk about her products. She shares the excellent benefits of algae, teaching fans why it is so good for them. If you are interested in algae or want to be inspired by a great entrepreneur, check out Catharine Arnston’s social media. It is the perfect place to learn and get inspired.

Philanthropic Activities

Catharine Arnston stands out as more than just an entrepreneur. She is known for her kindness, humility, and desire to impact positively. Catharine’s mission is not just about business success. She aims much higher.

A strong dedication to helping others marks her journey. Catharine has been actively involved in charity, working with various organizations to support those in need. Her efforts have made a real difference in many lives.

Catharine took her commitment to making the world a better place a step further by creating Energybits. This company is not just another business to her. It is her way of starting a movement toward a healthier lifestyle, aligned with her desire to help others.

Today, Catharine’s vision is alive and well. She continues to work passionately on this cause, aiming to leave a lasting mark of health, hope, and kindness. Catharine Arnston truly is a beacon of positive change, and we are all better off for it—cheers to Catharine and her incredible work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Catharine Arnston?

Catharine Arnston is a visionary businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Energybits. Besides, Catharine is known as the discoverer of the world’s most dense nutrient food. Together, she is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, board-certified health coach, and corporate executive.

How old is Catharine Arnston?

Catharine Arnston is only 67 years old. She was born in 1956. Moreover, she is the founder and Chief scientific officer of Energybits. Catharina is an experienced corporate executive, leader, and health coach.

Where does Catharine Arnston come from?

Catharine Arnston is from Canada. She lived in Toronto, Ontario. So, Catharine is a native Canadian. But she has been living in Boston, Massachusetts, since 1989.

What is Catharine Arnston net worth?

Catharine never shared her net worth and salary publicly. So, there is no stable information about Catharine’s net worth. For this reason, we have done extensive research to determine the estimated value of her wealth. Our study shows Catharine Arnston net worth is $15 million.

Who is the founder of Energybits?

The founder of Energybits is Catharine Arnston. She started Energybits as a national company in 2008. Energybits offers alkaline-based dietary supplements. Their products are- Energybits, Vitalitybits, Recoverybits, and Beautybits. All the products are made with hassle-free eating in mind.

Wrapping Up

To cut a long story short, Catharine Arnston lights up the world with her net worth achievements and vibrant personality. She wholeheartedly committed to a healthy lifestyle. Getting into the world of algae was not a small feat for her; it was a severe commitment filled with lots of learning and effort. She never gave up, turning her goals into success stories, brilliantly proving her impact. And her sister? She is living proof of Catharine’s fantastic influence.

Catharine’s journey does not just impress; it motivates everyone, especially young people. She is more than a success story; she calls the young and curious to think out of the box, learn, and create something new. Her life is like an open book, encouraging us to chase dreams and be mindful of our health.

So, for anyone looking for inspiration, a push towards health, or just a story that encourages living fully, Catharine Arnston’s journey is your beacon. Her story is more than words; it is an invitation to live a rich, inspiring life, one chapter at a time.

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