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Eric Mays Net Worth | Rise of A Political Maverick

Eric Mays is the most controversial and talked about name in the political world of the United States. Also, he is the former president of Flint City Council. Another is that Eric is a successful entrepreneur and business person. He generates innovative ideas and exuberates the world of business.

Even though Eric was born into a middle-class family, he got a high education and a wealthy lifestyle. He has struggled a lot as a politician. Over and above, Eric is a great human being.

Since Eric joined politics, he has been the most famous and talked about person in the United States. In this blog, we will explore Eric Mays net worth, lifestyle, controversies, and his journey to wealth.

Bio of Eric Mays

Eric Mays is the most controversial figure in the politics of Flint City in the United States. He was born in 1958. Eric was born into a middle-class Christian family, so his parents worked hard to give him a decent lifestyle and education. Eric stated that his family has no worthwhile business, but his parents worked hard to provide him with an up-to-the-mark life.

Additionally, Eric was born in Flint City, Michigan, United States. After finishing his education, Eric entered Flint City’s political scene. Soon, he became very popular. Eric has gone through many wars of words. With that, he also got into the headlines for his rude behavior. Ultimately, he has been sent to jail.

Eric Mays’s famous quote says, “When they go low, I go low.” People all over the world loved his quote and made designs and motivational T-shirts on this quote.

Full NameEric Mays
Born InFlint City, Michigan, United States
Birth DateSeptember 16, 1958
Zodiac SignVirgo
AgeAs of 2024, 65 years old
Marital StatusMarried to Megan Ritchie
OccupationFlint City Councilman, Entrepreneur, Investor
Political CareerInitiated political career in 2000, joined Flint City Council in 2013, became president, and later unsuccessfully ran for Flint Mayor.
Business InvolvementDiversified investments across real estate, technology, and media, achieving success in multiple sectors.
Notable ActionsRenowned for positive political contributions and varied entrepreneurial ventures
Overview of Eric Mays' Professional Milestones and Personal Attributes.

Source of Income

As a prominent business personality, Eric Mays earns a lot. Also, he makes from other sources.


As mentioned, Eric Mays is a successful investor. He started his business career very early. Moreover, he learned a lot of skills while pursuing the graduation degree. Along with that, his business major helped him succeed in business life. As a result, Eric earns a lot from his investments.

Additionally, Eric ploughs his money into innovations. In this way, Mays established himself as a triumphant entrepreneur.


Eric Mays earns an excellent monthly figure as a Flint City Council member. The Flint city council member earns $7,000 to $10,500 annually. But recently, Eric has been suspended from the city council.

Political Journey

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Eric Mays’s political journey has had a lot of ups and downs. He struggled from an early stage in his life. Also, Mays has proven himself a great politician. In the year 2000, he embarked on a political odyssey. Hence, Eric has been serving Flint City for over two decades.

In 2013, Eric fought for the position of Flint City Council president. He fought against Anita Brown, a very popular American politician. Surprisingly, Eric won that election by just eight votes. Again, he was elected for five years. Further, in 2015, Eric was again elected as the council president against Anita Brown. And this time, he won by 500 votes.

Also, in 2015, Eric Mays fought for the mayor’s position in Flint City. But this time, he was defeated by Sheldon Neeley. After that, Eric doesn’t share a good bond with the mayor. Recently, Eric was formally suspended from the city council.

Eric Mays Controversies and Sentences

Eric Mays is not only the most popular but also the most controversial political figure in the United States. The controversies mainly started when Sheldon Neeley defeated him for the position of Flint City Mayor.

Also, Eric got into a bar fight with the mayor’s deputy chief staff. The bar was in Flint City. However, Eric stated that he was the victim and had been knocked down. The police case is still running. And Eric is trying his best to prove himself innocent. However, this case is being investigated by the Michigan State Police.

Further, Eric Mays also came to the headlines for his rude behavior in the council meeting. He addressed the Mayor as Adolf Hitler. Once more, he made a Nazi salute during the conference. For this reason, Eric was suspended for 30 days and sentenced to six months probation.

Moreover, Eric was sent to jail 8 years ago due to poor driving. He was fined for that, too. Further, he has been fined $500 and sent to prison for 9 days for his rude behavior in the council meeting.

Eric Mays suspended, removed by police from council meeting

Eric Mays Net worth

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Many Eric Mays supporters want to know about his net worth and other assets. However, Eric kept the information on his wealth and net worth private. Thus, there needs to be firm information on Eric Mays net worth.

Despite that, we got some information on Eric’s wealth. We have done deep research and reviewed famous publications and public records. After analyzing all the reports, we estimated the value of Eric Mays net worth. The estimated value of Eric Mays’s net worth is $100 million.

Yet, Eric is now under a huge debt. While running the police cases, he almost lost all of his wealth. So, it can be said that his net worth is $0 right now.

Lifestyle, Assets and Expenditures

Since Eric Mays is a prevalent person in business and politics, some of his fans and supporters are eager to know how he leads his life. They are also curious about Eric’s assets.


Even though Eric Mays is a renowned investor and council member, he lives very simply. Everyone is surprised to see how down-to-earth he is! Also, he is a very hard-working person. Eric fights for human rights and discrimination.


Eric Mays never disclosed his assets. But he is always devoted to charity and Philanthropic activities. As Eric kept his assets secret, there is no information on this matter.


Eric Mays has excelled in his career wherever he went. He is a great businessman. Together with that, Eric is a noble politician as well. Having started his business ventures early, Eric has accumulated substantial profits from them. He ranks among the elite investors and entrepreneurs in the United States.

As an investor, Eric has spread his arms in diverse industries. He invested in real estate, technology, and media as well. Furthermore, Eric implemented his academic knowledge with business. For this reason, he had massive success in all of his businesses.

Furthermore, Eric Mays is an endeavoring tech entrepreneur. In a word, he made his place in the tech world. Eric develops new ideas and elevates exclusive innovations. Eric’s remarkable achievements have earned him recognition in prominent publications like Forbes and Fortune.

Eric ventured into the political arena after his success in business and investment. He currently serves as a member of the Flint City Council. Further, Eric worked hard and served humanity.


Although Eric Mays was born into a middle-class Christian family, he is highly educated. Eric stated that his parents were always devoted to his studies. His parents also put tremendous effort into providing him with a quality education and a comfortable upbringing.

Eric attended the best school in Michigan state for primary and high school education. In those schools, he received the best education that made the foundation of his further success in life. After high school, Eric attended the University of Southern California to earn his bachelor’s degree. He completed his graduation with a business major.

Later, he completed his master’s degree from a reputed university. Right after completing his studies, Eric started his business investments.

Eric Mays GoFundMe

Image of Eric Mays giving an statement before media with a header on top 'Fundraising' and below the website address ''.

Eric Mays has launched a fundraising program called Eric Mays GoFundMe. They’re collecting money to pay for his future legal costs. His funding is snowballing since he has many well-wishers and supporters. Together, Eric has raised over $ 23,000. And nearly 1.1K people have donated money to Eric’s fund.

The fund is a witness to Eric’s popularity. His fame has spread across the entire United States. Almost everyone loves Eric and supports his struggle. Eric’s supporters help him with money and stand for him when needed.

Eric Mays’s Age

Eric Mays came into the world on September 16, 1958. So, now he is 65 years old. Moreover, Eric’s birthplace is the United States. Although Eric’s parents were not wealthy, they tried their best to give him a happy life.

Again, Eric Mays is about 5 inches and 10 feet tall. He weighs 75 kg. Moreover, Eric’s zodiac sign is Virgo, and his hair and eye color are black.

Wife, Family, and Relationships

Eric has kept his family and personal relationships private despite being a public figure. So it’s tough to uncover details about his love life.

However, Eric disclosed that his wife is Megan Ritchie. But, he did not clear when they got married. Furthermore, Eric has kept the question of whether he has children to himself. In addition, Eric never revealed his parents, siblings, and other relationship information. But undoubtedly, Eric shares an excellent bond with his parents and family.

Philanthropic Endeavors and Charitable Contributions

Image of Eric Mays with overlay text below 'Philanthropic Endeavors and Charitable Contributions' and the website address ''.

Together with a great politician, Eric Mays is a great human being. He works with many charitable organizations. Also, Eric is the leader of many philanthropic institutions. Together, he donates a good amount of money to the organizations. However, Eric’s charitable activities are positively impacting society.

The organizations Eric works with mainly help people experiencing poverty with education. They envision giving minimum education to those who can’t afford it. Also, Eric aims to make a parallel and discrimination-free community. Eric assists those in need, aiming to improve the world on their behalf.

Eric Mays’ Charitable Contributions and Impact:

EntityArea of ConcentrationFinancial Support
ABC FoundationEducational Scholarships$1 million
XYZ Medical CenterHealthcare Services$500,000
Community Outreach OrganizationPoverty Alleviation$250,000
Eric Mays’ Philanthropic Achievements

Eric Mays’ Social Media Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays is recognized as a prominent political figure in the United States. He is a Flint City councilman who is renowned for his good actions. Moreover, Eric is a leading American entrepreneur and investor. He has been spreading his hand in many aspects of business. Like the political field, Eric is a most talked about name in the business field, too.

How long has Eric served on the City Council?

Eric Mays became a member of the Flint City Council in 2013. However, Eric started his political career in 2000. Subsequently, in 2013, he was chosen to serve as council president. Eric won against his opponent by just 8 votes at that time. After that, he fought for the position of City Mayor of Flint, but unfortunately, he was defeated then by Sheldon Neeley.

Who is Eric Mays’s Wife?

Eric Mays never revealed his personal life information to the world. He maintained complete secrecy, never showing a single detail. However, Eric told his wife’s name. He is married to Megan Ritchie. But it is not disclosed when they got married.

Is Eric famous on social media?

Compared to Eric’s political life, he is more or less the same famous on social media. Although he is not very active in social media, Eric has a vast following. Mainly, his fans like him for his charitable activities and political stands.

What types of companies is Eric Mays involved with?

Eric Mays has invested in diverse aspects of the business. His investments span across real estate, technology, and the media sector. Moreover, Eric has shown his best in every sector of his investment. He has gained enormous success in every industry.

Bottom Line

Eric Mays has a fantastic personality. His hard work is reflected in both his life’s achievements and his impressive net worth. Also, Eric achieved all his goals with complete dedication. Together with a great business person, he helped many companies by giving them the best advice.

Additionally, Eric Mays leads a very inspirational life. He is a powerful source of motivation for individuals fighting for their rights and against inequality. Also, he motivates the youth to work hard and achieve their ambitions.

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