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Sawyer Hemsley Net Worth | How He Built His Fortune?

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Sawyer Hemsley is the most successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Crumbl Cookies. As we all know, Crumbl Cookies is one of the best and most admired cookie companies in the United States. Sawyer Hemsley net worth mostly built on this successful startup rather than other ventures.

He started the company in 2017 with his cousin, Jason McGowan. He played a vital role in the company’s growth and is also the CEO.

How Sawyer Hemsley Built His Net Worth as the Co-Founder of Crumbl Cookies?

The most innovative and successful idea of Sawyer Hemsley is to find a world-class cookie company. It not only made him wealthy but also a famous entrepreneur. Sawyer worked hard to reach the company where it is now.

Sawyer’s initiative made him a fruitful entrepreneur and millionaire too. In this article, you will also get to know Sawyer Hemsley’s net worth, initiatives, and the story of founding Crumbl Cookies.

Who is Sawyer Hemsley?

Image displaying two identical photos of Sawyer Hemsley, a successful entrepreneur in the cookie industry. The smaller photo is superimposed on the larger one. Overlaying the images are two black text boxes, one featuring the name 'Sawyer Hemsley' and the other the website ''.

Sawyer Hemsley is a successful businessperson and the famous Crumbl Cookies Company CEO. He is also the co-founder of the company.

As well as his initiative made a good impact on the business field of the United States. So, Sawyer Hemsley became popular in a short time because of his exceptional thinking.

Crumbl Mumbl Podcast: Sawyer Hemsley | Crumbl Cookies


Sawyer Hemsley is a popular business executive and youth entrepreneur. His success made him exemplary for all entrepreneurs. Sawyer Hemsley was born on the 17th of November in 1991. His birthplace is Preston, Idaho. Sawyer is the second child of Laurie Hemsley and Lance Hemsley.

After finishing his study, he manufactured the cookie company. Sawyer Hemsley was passionate about establishing his brand or company since childhood. His parents opened their first franchise in 2018.

Sawyer Hensley follows Mormonism. His parents also follow this.

NameSawyer Hemsley
Birth PlacePreston, Idaho, United States of America
Date of BirthNovember 17, 1991
Zodiac SignScorpio
Weight61 Kg (132 Pounds)
Height5 feet 8 inches
Marital Status Single
Parent’s NameFather: Lance Hemsley
Mother: Laurie Hemsley
SiblingsBig Brother: Channing Hemsley
Younger Sisters: Brett Hemsley & Laken Hemsley
CollegeUniversity of USU (Utah State University)
Social Media AccountsFacebook
Sawyer Hemsley’s Biography

Personal Life

Since Sawyer is a young, handsome, and famous entrepreneur and millionaire, many people want to know about his personal and love life.

Sawyer Hemsley and his siblings were always passionate about cookies for his mother. He always wanted to start a cookie shop or confectionary company.


Schooling of the Crumbl founder, Sawyer Hemsley, was very interesting. After completing elementary school, Sawyer started (at Preston High School in Preston, Idaho) his private school. He finished her graduation and also was the student body president of that school. In this way, his educational life was going ahead.

After graduation, Sawyer went to Mexico. There he joined a mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, intending to serve in Mexico.

In 2015, he took his bachelor’s degree in marketing and multimedia development from the University of USU (Utah State University). Then Sawyer moved to Utah after the program. He acted as a student body president at Utah State University too.

In addition, to spice up the venture of Crumbl Cookies, he attended a culinary school for three months to understand food science, flavor profiling, and pairing deeply.

What Is the Net Worth of Sawyer Hemsley?

Image of Sawyer Hemsley, the successful CEO of Crumbl Cookies, positioned on the left side, with a confident and professional demeanor. On the right side, there is bold, highlighted text stating 'Sawyer Hemsley's Net Worth', with the website '' displayed below for further information.

Sawyer Hemsley is a millionaire at just thirty. So, many youths and entrepreneurs are curious about his net worth. As the co-founder of Crumbl Cookie company Sawyer Hemsley earns a lot too. Crumbl Cookies is a famous cookie-manufacturing company that drives considerable revenue annually.

Being a famous cookie franchise company, anyone can easily find the reports of Crumbl Cookie Company. The income and all monetary records are transparent. The yearly revenue of the company is almost $20 million.

Simultaneously Sawyer is the co-owner, and his company’s revenue also increases his net worth. Besides, he invested in stocks.

But the growth curve of his cookie business and investments shows that the value is increasing handsomely.

Sawyer’s impressive net worth results from hard work and smart decisions. It’s always inspiring to compare such stories with others in the business world, like Annabella Rockwell’s approach to building wealth.

Sawyer Hemsley’s Net Worth Breakdown Over The Years

YearNet WorthIncreasing Rate
2018$13 millionN/A
2019$15 million15%
2020$18 million20%
2021$19 million5.5%
2022$22 million15.7%
2023$25 million13.6%
Sawyer Hemsley Net Worth Breakdown Over The Years

How Did He Become the CEO of Crumbl Cookies?

Image of the CEO of Crumbl Cookies holding a large, intricately designed cookie showpiece in his right hand, symbolizing the brand's product. In his left hand, he is holding a sizable whiteboard prominently featuring the Crumbl Cookies logo, representing the company's strong branding.

Sawyer Hemsley and his cousin Jason McGowan launched the Crumbl Cookies in 2017. At that time, Hemsley was not the CEO of the company. Yet he played a vital role in the company. In 2021 Sawyer was getting involved in company founding issues and growth.

At this point, Sawyer Hemsley was not very popular before founding Crumbl Cookies. As a matter of fact, Sawyer and his cousin discovered the idea of Crumbl Cookies when they were trying out different types of cookie recipes. Together they sold the cookies at the local farmer’s market. Surprisingly their cookies gained popularity.

Whereas Crumbl Cookies was getting huge admiration then, Hemsley and McGowan concentrated on marketing and the company’s growth. They involved Chad Christensen to look up the company’s growth during that period. Because of their hard work, Crumbl Cookies spread all over the world.

From the company’s beginning, Sawyer Hemsley was also the co-founder and advisor. After a long run now, he is the CEO of Crumble Cookies.

The Story Behind the Successful Launch of Crumbl Cookies

Image with the header 'Successful Launch of Crumbl Cookies' displaying CEO Sawyer Hemsley smiling and showing a 'V' for victory sign with his fingers. To the left of the photo, the text '' is written vertically, indicating the source of more information.

Success does not come without hard work, desire, and passion. The successful launching story behind crumble cookies also has three words. With a passion for cooking, two cousins, Sawyer Hemsley, and Jason McGowan, started a journey in 2017. They were testing cookie recipes at McGowan’s home kitchen.

At first, they tried to sell their cookies in the local farmers market in Logan and Utha. In a short time, their cookies became familiar. The reason behind the popularity was high-quality ingredients and creative flavor.

After a while, the Crumbl founders decided to expand their business. They worked, as they say, so they brought a brick-and-mortar in logan. Their first move was successful. The customers were standing in a queue before the shop to get food.

Afterward, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan opened their first franchise in 2018. They were dedicated to keeping the cookies’ quality strong. They always strive for quality. They offered different types of new menus with their fixed menus. Sawyer Hemsley also preferred easy ways, such as online delivery to the customers, as they enjoy their cookies.

Over and above, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan paid much attention to the marketing of Crumbl Cookies. However, to this day, they have over 800 shops in the USA.

How Has Being the CEO of Crumbl Cookies Impacted Sawyer Hemsley’s Net Worth?

Sawyer Hemsley was not the CEO of Crumbl Cookies from the beginning. At that time, he was the co-founder and COO of the company. As a co-owner, Sawyer Hemsley has seen his wealth rise and affect the company’s success.

Crumble Cookies is one of the famous candy stores in the United States. The company was founded in 2017 by Sawyer and his cousin. From the start, the company has been multiplying. At present, Crumbl Cookies have 800+ shops around the United States. The company drives a tremendous amount of revenue every year.

As the CEO and co-founder, Sawyer earned an excellent figure from the company. His net worth and company growth increased daily, and it continues.

How the Power of Social Media Helped Raise Awareness for Crumbl Cookies?

Image of a growth chart detailing the expansion of Crumbl Cookies, with the number of store locations increasing from December 2018 to August 2021, and the source '' noted at the bottom.

Nowadays, social media is the best way to share something. Business people use social media for their marketing and personal branding. It goes the same for the Crumbl Cookies too. The company uses social media like Facebook and Instagram to reach more sweet lovers.

Social media is the best medium to promote new products. Whenever Crumbl Cookies launch a unique flavor of cookies, they promote it on social media with high-quality videos. The process helps to catch more eyes and, as a result, brings more sales.

Moreover, Crumbl Cookies collaborates with famous chefs and influencers. The company works together and promotes the brand. It helps to gain the trust of customers. In the same way, it attracts more customers than before.

Crumbl Cookies knows how to reach and attract more customers through social media. With the help of social media, the company is growing faster than previously.

What Other Investments and Business Ventures Contribute to Sawyer Hemsley’s Net Worth?

Sawyer Hemsley always keeps his investment and business secret instead of Crumbl Cookie. However, our research needed more information on his assets and other businesses.

First, Sawyer invested in other industries besides the food sector. It is a way to lessen the risk of business loss and raise the potential return rate.

By the same token, he invested in stocks. Sawyer partners with his siblings there. Also, he is buying some properties in his birthplace as an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Sawyer Hemsley’s partner?

The business partner of Sawyer Hemsley is his cousin Jason McGowan. Jason and Sawyer tied up together end started the best cookie shop, “Crumbl Cookies.” In 2017, these two brothers got together and formed the bakery, which they were passionate about. They both worked hard and made their Start-up a successful business.

Who is Sawyer Hemsley’s father?

The name of Sawyer’s father is Lance Hemsley. Sawyer Hemsley is the second child among four.

Is Sawyer Hemsley married?

No, Sawyer Hemsley is not married yet. By his Instagram posts, it is sure that he is still single. But he has a loving pet dog.

Is Sawyer Hemsley gay?

Even though Sawyer Hemsley is single, it doesn’t mean he is gay. Sawyer just focused on his work and career. Yet there is no information about if he is or was in a relationship.

Is Crumbl Cookie successful?

Obviously, Crumbl Cookie is successful. The company is the best rapidly growing confectionery. The company has yet to look back from its founding. Also, Crumbl Cookie has 800+ shops in the United States. Additionally, the company is expanding its business in Canada too.

Sum Up

In brief, Sawyer Hemsley made his wealth empire with dedication, hard work, and passion. He took his siblings with him and never looked back ever. Sawyer became a millionaire at such a young age.

Through this write-up, we tried to show how Sawyer Hemsley became an example for all youth. How he became rich, his net worth, and little of his personal life. His story inspires all and helps to take the initiative to become a millionaire.

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