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Thach Nguyen Net Worth: From Vietnamese Emigrant to Real Estate Mogul

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Thach Nguyen is a successful entrepreneur, real estate broker, TikTok star, and investor in the United States. He is Vietnamese by birth and family. Thach came to the United States with his family at an early age. Surprisingly, being an emigrant, most Americans will be jealous to know the number of Thach Nguyen Net Worth.

However, He is an honest real estate businessman and the founder of Thach Real Estate Group. Nguyen helps people to make their dreams come true.

Unveiling the Net Worth of Thach Nguyen: The TikTok Sensation and Real Estate Broker

He’s been showcased in numerous articles from sources like the Business Journals, Seattle Times, NW Asian Weekly, Puget Sound, The Early Show, and more.

Additionally, Thach Nguyen is a content creator. He creates content on financial and investment tips. Thach shares his content on various social media, especially on TikTok. It makes him known to a larger community and increases his branding.

While Thach is a famous businessman and TikTok star, many people know him. Some are curious about Thach Nguyen’s earnings, net worth, properties, and personal life. Now, with this biography article, we will quench all your thirst.

Who is Thach Nguyen?

Thach Nguyen

Thach Nguyen is a Vietnamese who lives in the United States. He is a real estate agent and a self-made millionaire. However, Thach makes the dream home of people come true. He is the founder and CEO of Thach Real Estate Group.

In addition, Thach is a famous TikTok star. He has a good number of followers on various social media. Also, he is a philanthropist.

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Is Real Estate A Profitable Business?

Real estate investment is a well-known, lucrative business. Also, the business is considered safe. So, many wealthy individuals invest in this business at the drop of their hat.

The property value gets higher over time. So, investors make money quickly by buying it cheaply and then selling it at a high rate. Again, real estate is a hands-on industry. Investors control their businesses and properties directly.

Therefore, real estate provides golden opportunities for people needing more money or assets. The business drives a good amount of returns quickly and efficiently. Thach Nguyen is anticipated to earn an approximate annual income of $500,000 from his involvement in the real estate sector.

Thach Nguyen is also a real estate investor. He knows his business well and quickly makes a good amount of profit. For Thach, it is a walk in the park. Furthermore, Thach Nguyen has construction knowledge, too. He buys, develops, and sells the property that earns more.

By doing the real estate business for over 30 years, Thach Nguyen has become one of the wealthiest people in Vietnam.

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How Much is Thach Nguyen’s Net Worth?

Thach Nguyen Net Worth

Thach Nguyen had to work hard from the beginning of his life. As he is a famous CEO and TikTok star, many people long to know about the Thach Nguyen net worth.

It is said that Thach Nguyen set a goal to become a millionaire at 30. But with his diligence and hard work, he became a millionaire at 27. By the time he became more experienced in all his working fields. So, his net worth is also growing day by day.

Thach Nguyen earns both actively and passively. His earnings are increasing his net worth over time.

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Thach Nguyen Net Worth Growth Over the Years

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2023$11.8 million18%
2022$10 million15%
2021$8.67 million24%
2020$6.98 million36%
2019$5.12 million14.54%
2018$4.47 millionN/A
Thach Nguyen Net Worth Growth Over the Years

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Thach Nguyen’s Biography

Thach Nguyen is a famous real estate broker, CEO, and millionaire. He was born in Vietnam on May 18, 1970. Thach was four years old when his family came to the United States. The reason for their coming to the States is the Vietnamese War.

At that time, Thach’s family went to the refugee camp. While staying there, they met with Charles Zedler. The man brought them to his house and gave them a place to stay. After that, Thach’s family somehow managed a small house to live in Rainier Valley.

To support his family, Thach Nguyen started to work from an early age. He worked on a strawberry farm and also as a paperboy.

Full NameThach Nguyen 
Birth PlaceVietnam
Date of BirthMay 18, 1970
Age (How Old)53
Zodiac SignTaurus
Weight72 kg
Height (How Tall)5 ft. 6 in
Mother’s NameNhon Ke Nguyen
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameCamie Nguyen
Children NamesRussell Nguyen and Hudson Nguyen
SchoolFranklin High School
Source of WealthReal estate agent and Investor
Social Media ProfilesYouTube
Thach Nguyen Biography

Personal Life (Family)

Thach Nguyen's Family

Thach Nguyen is the son of a former successful businessman in Vietnam. But Thach’s family lost everything in the Vietnamese War. At age four, Thach fled to the United States for safety with his family. His family contains seven members then. They all took shelter in a refugee camp named Camp Muray’s Quarter.

Thach Nguyen had to work as a paper boy at 12. Moreover, he worked on a strawberry farm to meet his family’s needs.

After a long poverty run, Thach again fights back and becomes a self-made millionaire. He is a real estate broker and a famous social media influencer now.

Thach Nguyen got married to Camie. They have two amazing sons, Russel Nguyen and Hudson Nguyen. Thach is a family person, too. No matter how hefty his schedule is, Thach always enjoys spending time with his family.

Education History

Thach Nguyen finished high school at Franklin High School. Following his elder siblings’ footprints, Thach was also sent to Aviation Mechanics for a bachelor’s degree. But Thach always wanted to make his career in the real estate industry. For this reason, he joined Windermere Real Estate as a real estate agent.


After finishing high school, Thach was sent to an aviation mechanics school. Yet he had a keen interest in the real estate industry. So, he joined Windermere Real Estate as a real estate agent.

After working with many real estate companies, he became a top real estate producer in Washington. While working in John L. Scott Real Estate, he sold almost 130 properties yearly. Thach has a goal to become a millionaire at the age of 30. But he completed his dream and became a millionaire at 27.

At present, Thach Nguyen is the founder and CEO of the famous Thach Real Estate Group, a Seattle-based real estate company. He provides and develops the properties. Later, he founded Springboard to inform people about the real estate industry.

Recently, Thach started an online academy named Springboard To Wealth, where he teaches how to become wealthy through real estate investing. After that, some people started to call Thach Nguyen a scam! According to Thach, it’s relatively easy, but some academy students fail to accomplish anything.

Thach is also a social media star. He creates content on finance and real estate. Although he promotes his service, sometimes he also pays promotions for others.

Lets have a look at Thach Nguyen’s professions:

  • Thach Real Estate Group (CEO) – 1991 to Present
  • Windermere Real Estate (Real Estate Agent Specialist) – 1991 to 2000
  • John L. Real Estate (Real Estate Seller) – 1991 to 2006


The properties of Thach Nguyen are not publicly disclosed and are also not kept private. We have done some research to know how much property he owns.

Until September 2019, Thach owned 18 properties in the United States. He has both residential and commercial properties. Thach has seven commercial and 11 residential properties. These properties are located across different states of the USA.

The real estate business of Thach Nguyen is multiplying. At first, he had just eight properties. He added more than ten properties over time. The growth curve of his real estate business is going onward. And Thach will add more properties and earn more wealth.

At present, With ownership of over 120 investment properties, he generates a monthly net passive income exceeding $100,000.

Thach Nguyen Car Collection

Thach Nguyen's Car
Car CollectionPrice
Ferrari F8 Spider$324,342
Lamborghini Urus$300,000
Maclaren GT$250,000
Bentley Flying Spur$214,000
Ford Raptor$120,000
Chevrolet Camaro $63,000
Nissan Versa S$17,600
Cars Owned by Thach Nguyen

Philanthropic Activities

Thach Nguyen is the epitome of humanity. He knows the importance of giving back to society. Mr. Nguyen worked with some non-profit organizations and helped the less fortunate.

Thach worked with Foundation Bank, Caliber Mortgage, and Seattle Housing Authority. Together, he built seven homes for people experiencing homelessness. The housing project is called the Nonce House Project.

Besides, First Place School is a service agency that educates poor children. As well as the agency helps them to get a job. Further, the agency helps people without housing and makes permanent accommodations.

Also, Thach Nguyen happily works with the First Place School.

Thach Nguyen’s Secret Recipe to Success

Thach affectionately refers to his Vietnamese Proverb for success – “phuk hau,” which symbolizes his way of thinking that drives his big dreams. This funny phrase captures his belief that it’s important to aim high. He advises against getting caught up in the details.

In addition, he says that when people try to achieve something new or better, they often worry about the ‘how’, and this worry can make them doubt themselves or be afraid of failing. That’s why many people give up or don’t reach their goals.

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How Social Media Helps Thach Nguyen’s Net Worth?

Thach Nguyen knows how to use social media to grow business awareness and personal branding. He became a TikTok star while making his business aware.

Social media helps to reach larger communities than before. And that is almost free. It does the marketing for any business efficiently and more effectively. With the help of social media, Thach became more popular and reached new customers without trouble.

Additionally, Thach Nguyen also takes sponsors for his social media videos and posts. He promotes other brands or services for money. Through these paid promotions, his net worth also increases.

How Did Nguyen Make His Fortune?

As the son of a successful businessman, the life of Thach Nguyen was enjoyable. But his father lost everything in the Vietnamese War. So, with his family, Thach fled to America.

After coming to America, the family had to suffer from poverty. At 12, Thach had to work on a strawberry farm and as a paper boy to meet his family’s needs.

Poverty made Thach stronger and gave him the motivation to become successful. At that time, Thach worked hard and studied well too. After his high school graduation, Thach Nguyen joined as a real estate agent that he was passionate about.

The decision to join a real estate agency made him what he is today. Afterwards, Thach never looked back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Thach Nguyen from?

Thach Nguyen is from Washington State. Basically, Thach Nguyen is a refugee. He is actually from Vietnam. At age four, Thach came to the United States with his family. As his family lost everything in the Vietnam War, they fled and took shelter in a refugee camp in the USA.

Who is the CEO of Thach Real Estate Group?

The founder and CEO of Thach Real Estate Group is Thach Nguyen. Thach was a sufferer of poverty in his early life. He always wanted to work in the real estate industry. So, he joined a real estate agency when Thach completed high school.

After working with many real estate companies, Thach became an experienced real estate producer in Washington. Later, Thach founded the Thach Real Estate Group, making many people’s dreams come true.

Is Thach Nguyen married?

Thach Nguyen is happily married. His wife’s name is Camie. Thach and Camie are blessed with two amazing sons. Thach is a family person. Despite being a real estate broker, Thach always gives attention to his family and spends time with them.

How old is Thach Nguyen?

Thach was born in Vietnam on May 18, 1970. So, he is 53 years old now. Thach has over 30 years of experience working in the real estate industry.

However, Thach started his career in the real estate industry just after completing high school. Subsequently, he became the top real estate producer and later the founder of a famous real estate group.

Bottom Line

Thach Nguyen is a famous real estate producer and investor in the United States. He came to the States as a refugee from Vietnam. Thach went through poverty and worked hard for a living. As a result of his hard work, he became a millionaire at 27.

In this article, you went through his personal life, education, wife and family, and also Thach’s net worth. Indeed, his story is enough to inspire and motivate anyone to succeed.

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