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Yanni Georgoulakis Net Worth: A Closer Look at His Wealth and Success

Are you curious about Yanni Georgoulakis net worth? Find out how much he earns and the secrets behind his success in this article. Step into the food galaxy of Yanni Georgoulakis – The Iconic Visual Content Maestro! Oh, and he’s not simply an American vlogger but a skilled photographer and talented video editor, too.

Yanni makes fun videos about food and travel that people love to watch. He is very hardworking. Moreover, he left his old job because he really liked cooking and sharing it with others. And boy, oh boy, what a move that’s been!

If you are into Yanni, then you must have heard about Daniel. He is also into food content. But his presentation is entirely different from Yanni’s. How much does Daniel Mccoin earn? Click the link to find out.

Breaking Down Yanni Georgoulakis Net Worth: How Did He Build His Wealth?

He stands out from the rest. It’s not just because of his engaging content but also due to his heartwarming interactions with his adoring fans. Get set to discover his life – net worth, personal details, and career graph, to name a few facets.


Bio of Yanni Georgoulakis

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Yanni Georgoulakis creates impressive food and travel stories that people love to read. He was born on June 30, 1984. Yanni lives in a colorful and busy city named Miami in the USA and also born there. He went to school in Miami. During that period, he developed his love for writing about food and adventures, something he is terrific at now.

Even though Yanni grew up in America, his family comes from various regions of the world. This means he has a unique mixture of different traditions. His dad, whose name is Kyriakos Georgoulakis, is from a country known for its fantastic history, Greece. His mom, named Alicia Georgoulakis, comes from Cuba. Because of this, Yanni has both Greek and Cuban parts in his family roots!

Yanni’s younger sister, Christiana Georgoulakis, also grew up with the same exciting mix of different cultures as Yanni. She has Greek and Cuban roots in her family and grew up with Yanni in America.

NameYanni Georgoulakis
Birth PlaceMiami, United States of America
Date of BirthJune 30, 1984
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusSingle
GirlfriendAshley Hebert
Parent’s NameFather: Kyriakos Georgoulakis
Mother: Alicia Georgoulakis
SiblingsYounger Sister: Christiana Georgoulakis
Information of Yanni Georgoulakis

What Is the Net Worth of Yanni Georgoulakis?

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Yanni Georgoulakis, one of the foremost food bloggers in the USA, commands an impressive presence across multiple social media platforms. His posts, particularly his engaging video content, are relished by an extensive fanbase. His videos also secure an astounding number of views immediately upon release. Such popularity serves as a notable income generator, indicating that Yanni has become a very famous and remarkable influencer on social media.

Given his high-profile status, curiosity regarding Georgoulakis’ earnings and net worth is ever-increasing among his followers. Historically, Georgoulakis has been open to sharing such details, much to the delight of his followers. He has revealed that his net worth currently stands at a formidable $5 million.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that his escalating fortune is not solely driven by social media earnings. Far from it, Georgoulakis’ clever collaborations with leading brands, where he masterfully promotes their products, increase his revenues significantly. He makes money in different ways, and this shows how successfully he has done for himself. This also helps him to keep increasing his net worth.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

Even though Yanni has a lot of money, he is still very down-to-earth and lives a simple life. He holds a deep passion for his work and always tries his best to make his videos even better.


Yanni is a very humble and friendly person. Even though he has lots of money, he lives just like everyone else. Mr. Foody Fetish spends lots of time working hard to make his videos better. What’s really cool is that he takes the time to answer the messages and comments from people who follow him, which shows he really cares about his fans.


Yanni currently resides in a leased apartment in Miami. At present, we don’t have specific details about his portfolio of assets. Rest assured, if he acquires or owns any significant assets, he will likely share this information with his followers in due course.

Yanni Georgoulakis Career

Yanni is a really great food blogger. He is famous not only in the United States but also around the world. Is Yanni a food lover? Definitely, and that’s why he started making fun videos about his food adventures. People really liked his videos, and he started getting money from them on social media. Because of this, Yanni decided to become a professional content creator.

Before Yanni started making content, He had a successful and well-established position in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked as a medical representative. Besides making videos, Yanni is also really good at photography and photo editing. These qualities help make his videos look even more incredible and engaging.

Yanni started making videos in 2015, and ever since then, his journey has been unique and really exciting.

Yanni first started sharing his yummy food videos on Instagram, and a lot of people – 3.1 million to be exact – started following him because they liked it a lot. Seeing how well he was doing on Instagram, Yanni decided to expand his digital footprint to other social media platforms.

And guess what? On Facebook, Yanni has 3.3 million followers, and on TikTok, he has 2.4 million. People have liked his videos millions of times, 39.8 million times to be exact. All of this shows just how successful Yanni has become in content creation.

Yanni Georgoulakis Girlfriend

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Numerous celebrities and social media influencers choose to maintain a level of privacy surrounding their personal lives. Is Yanni Georgoulakis also the same? He is the complete opposite. He is open and shares things about his family, friends, and love life with his fans. He doesn’t hide things and honestly talks about his life in his videos.

At present, Yanni is dating someone extraordinary named Ashley Hebert. You might know her from a famous TV show called “The Bachelorette.” They told everyone they were dating in 2021 through their social media. What’s remarkable is that besides liking each other, Yanni and Ashley both love to explore and travel to new places together.

Yanni Georgoulakis Age, Height, Weight

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Yanni is so full of life and energy that it makes people wonder how old he is. Well, here’s the answer – Yanni is 39 years old.

Some of his fans are also keen to know more about his physique, precisely his height and weight. Unfortunately, we’re yet to unravel that information. But don’t worry! Once we have those details, we’d be delighted to share them with you.

Yanni Georgoulakis Education

Yanni Georgoulakis isn’t just your average food reviewer. His charisma is backed by a solid educational foundation. He successfully obtained his Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the prestigious Florida International University. However, his learning journey started elsewhere. It took root in Miami, where he received his initial schooling.

His passion goes beyond the realm of business and food. A self-taught photographer, he uses these skills to add a visual feast to his videos, making them all the more alluring. Yanni Georgoulakis is not just a food connoisseur but a lifelong learner. He is truly a multifaceted personality.

Yanni Georgoulakis Social Media Accounts

Yanni Georgoulakis is quite famous on the internet for his super fun and exciting videos about food and travel. He shares these incredible adventures with everyone on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook under the catchy byname “Foody Fetish.”

Georgoulakis is not just casually present on these platforms; he is deeply engaged. He provides daily updates and earnestly interacts with his followers, creating a warm and inviting virtual space. This proactive approach and, undoubtedly, his appealing content have earned him massive followings across all platforms.

  • On TikTok (foodyfetish), his creative content has captured the hearts of 2.4 million followers, collecting a whopping 39.8 million likes.
  • Instagram (foodyfetish) sees him flaunting a fanbase of 3.1 million people.
  • On Facebook (Foody Fetish), he proudly stands with 3.3 million followers.

Yanni’s social media presence is a testament to his popularity. Every time Yanni shares a new post, his fans can’t wait to see more. This has helped him become a very loved person on the internet, especially when it comes to videos about food and travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who is Yanni Georgoulakis?

Yanni Georgoulakis, hailing from the USA, has made a name for himself as a prominent food blogger. Initially, his career saw him working in a pharmaceutical company. However, his lifelong passion for food prompted him to forge a different path. Now, Yanni is globally recognized for his insightful food reviews.

How old is Yanni Georgoulakis?

Born on June 30, 1984, in the city of Miami, USA, Yanni Georgoulakis is currently 39 years old. His foray into food blogging began in 2015, revolutionizing his career and his life.

Is Yanni Georgoulakis Married?

While Yanni Georgoulakis is presently unmarried, he isn’t single. He is in a relationship with Ashley Hebert, known for her time on ‘The Bachelorette.’ Their dating status has been confirmed through their respective Instagram accounts.

What is Yanni Georgoulakis’ net worth?

Our research suggests that Yanni Georgoulakis boasts a net worth of approximately $5 million. His income stems from his popular food blogging endeavors and consistent engagement on social media, where he has collected a considerable following.

Where does Yanni Georgoulakis live?

Born and raised in Miami, Yanni Georgoulakis continues to call this vibrant city his home. His specific residence is located at 13580 Southwest 109th Court, Miami.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, Yanni Georgoulakis is not just a food and travel content creator but a potent influencer in the realm of social media. His commitment and hard work have driven him to millionaire status through his delightful content creation.

Undoubtedly, Yanni serves as an inspiration for many. He is proof of the power of pursuing one’s passion. Despite holding a Bachelor’s degree and working as a medical representative, he decided to follow his love for food. This courageous move paved the way to remarkable success. He perfectly demonstrates that with passion and interest, success is not an aspiration but an eventual reality. So, dare to chase your dreams. It is almost sure that you will catch them eventually.

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